10+ Cats Who Are Real "Boss" Of Their Owners

Cats are adorable yet complicated creatures. In one second, you might be proud that you understand what they are thinking about, but in the next minute, they act the totally opposite way to what you expected. One of the interesting facts about cat logic is that they think humans are the same species as them, just bigger! This leads to some situations that, we think, you have experienced when owning a cat. Cats prefer to act in their own way or refuse to move if you call them. They even think they are your 'boss'!
Here are eighteen times cats act as if they were the real 'boss' of their owners, and the results are so funny. If you've ever had a cat, you'll find these pictures totally relatable! Now, let's meet these adorable furry friends, and tell us what you think about them in the comment.
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#1. "Somehow she turned her favorite chair into a hammock while I was gone for lunch."

Source: Cronchy_Tacos

#2. "Yeah, right here, more petting, some more, ... OK, you can get your wage now!"

Source: springwanders

#3. "I said NO CLASS, ONLY PET ME!"

#4. "Rub me, hooman, now!"

Source: MsFloofNoofle

#5."I decide it's time to go shopping now."

Source: The_Ghost_63

#6. "Where's my breakfast, human?"

Source: Croxlon

#7. "I'm a paw rest meow"

Source: AbyssWitcher

#8. "Whelp… I’m sitting on the couch with a laptop doing work and no longer have access to my computer chair."

Source: mcrov718

#9. "Thank you for the massage. I think I like it!"

Source: Kolnot

#10. "I'm watching you..."

Source: regian24

#11. "What about having a sunbath?"

Source: lyricmeowmeow

#12. She's enjoying the best quality of life!"

#13."Tikru is enjoying his holidays."

Source: RinaShim0218

#14. Me every time I go out

Source: ghostmeharder

#15. "Rich cat enjoys life in a 5-star hotel."

Source: Wuwuzita

#16. "Hi, let's go to the spa. I need to curl my hair."

Source: the_goodghost

#17."Did I say you could stop, human? Why do you always make me mad?"

Source: adeleidavega

#18. This lady sleeps so chill!

Source: salkigeorgesooty

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