17 Photos Of Pets Getting Stuck In Most Hilarious Positions That Will Crack You Up

Remember when you were at formative years, you were curious about everything happening around you. You would ask questions or experience on your own to find the answers. animals are just as curious as we are because there are many things about the human world they can't understand with their logic. However, sometimes, curiosity puts them into some situations that they don't know what to do but wait for human's help. And that's hilarious!
Some owners will choose to help their pets right away, while others still want to stay at that funny moment a bit longer, and take a snap to capture it. So, today, we've collected seventeen pictures of pets getting stuck at the most hilarious positions shared on Reddit by owners. If you are finding a way to relax after a stressful day, this post is all what you need now. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1. "My friend's cat got himself stuck learning how the blinds work at their new place."

Source: Last_Skarner_NA

#2. This dog got herself stuck underneath the shed, and her face was like "It was worth it!"

Source: justintylrallen

#3. "Got home from work to find Lil Norman with his head stuck in the lid to the cat food. That’s not how it works buddy..."

Source: yourfavoritevegan

#4. "When something goes wrong, I just "meow"..."

Source: ThePenow

#5. "My neighbor’s dog got stuck trying to escape from the backyard"

Source: Dis_Miss

#6. "Help me, human, I'm all out of cat food and it smells like dog breath in here."

Source: Bubblebeam09212

#7. "Mr. Bruce clawed the couch and got stuck. He tried getting unstuck but then he slumped down like this, accepting his fate haha!"

Source: Homestar151

#8. “Stay very still... Hooman won’t notice me”!

Source: linzrap

#9. "Maui got a bit stuck this time. This is the face of regret."

Source: Adara_belle

#10. "My dog got stuck in the crevasse."

Source: pancakemania

#11. "She got her head stuck in the handle while trying to jump in the bag."

Source: malletgirl91

#12. "My cat got his head stuck in the ice cream container. Tried to back up. Found that there was less table than he thought."

Source: mitchbrown13

#13. "We left them alone for 5 MINUTES with a FULL feeder and this happens (she is ok just was very confused when we got her out)"

Source: Arn3110

#14. "I've made a terrible mistake..."

Source: Ferfachu5000

#15. "Anyone help pleaseee..."

Source: familiarplanets

#16. One second before everything goes worse...

Source: TheKingOfTown

#17. "Did somebody say BACON?!?"

Source: callmeabitcrazy

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