Owners Share Their Pets Acting Awkwardly At First Time Being Mom, And It's So Funny!

Being a mom is such a wonderful experience and a sacred responsibility that God only gives to females. However, it's never easy for women to learn to be a mother, especially those experiencing this for the first time. animals are the same. When they try to become good moms of their babies for the first time, it's unavoidable that they'll make mistakes. But, sometimes, animals make mistakes in a more adorable and funnier way than that of us.
Here are fifteen pets who act awkwardly at their first time being moms, because they don't know what they should or shouldn't do with the babies. These funny moments are captured by their owners and they will crack you up with the cuteness overload. How were you when welcomed your first child? Watch these photos and tell us in the comment!

#1. Sometimes, mom can be scared.

Source: mshwarzberg

#2. "This is my cat's reaction to having kittens for the first time."

Source: sherbear83

#3. "Help me..."

Source: svkadm253

#4. The joy of being a mother LOL!

Source: shesheki

#5."Yeah, actually, being a mom of four kitties is actually... fun. Yeah, it's fun."

Source: duchamp67687

#6."Baby, what you wanna go? Be careful, you can fall down."

#7. "Can't believe I'm mom now."

Source: CYBERSson

#8. "What should I do next with my baby? The owner has taught me but I forget it:("

Source: might_be_magic

#9."“They said: “You should have your own kids.”

Source: OUrthrhyh

#10."Ok baby, do whatever you want!"

Source: tabsmcgab

#11. "Remembering the days when I was in a good shape, hanging out with friends and going shopping ..."

Source: Raising_Danger

#12. Mama cat is tired ...

#13. Mama pig was tired but she still fed her babies. What a good mom!

Source: elvenrunelord

#14. She is a mom of nine. Such an overworked momma!

#15.Too tired to care!

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