20 Pet Friendships That Are So Adorable That You'll Need To Share

There are some people out there who still think that animals are dumb creatures, and they don't have feelings or don't understand the concept of being friends. In fact, these creatures are good at showing love and forming admirable friendships while some people can not. Cats and dogs, for example, can be best friends even though they are thought to be unlikely to form friendships. Here, in this post, we are going to introduce to you twenty pets and their friends who play together, go out together, sleep together, and even make messes together sometimes. Hopefully, these pictures will change your mind about animal's love (if you believe they don't have feelings and emotions).
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#1. What an adorable pair!

Source: wcpheeee

#2.Cat: "What's got eight legs and poops in the human's bed? Us!"

Source: adamsblueguitar

#3. "Dog jumps up for his usual evening play with the cat. Cat is tired and doesn't want to. Dog agrees so they snuggle together instead."

Source: Amaevise

#4. "Two weeks and they are already best friends."

Source: peanutbutter79

#5. "Two pictures, the same pose, two different moments..."

Source: lifeofpikelet

#6. "This dog is a big brother of his kitty sister."

Source: Wolverinedoge

#7. Best friends often have opposite personalities.

Source: konabeancorgi

#8. "My cats are discussing and judging my dog."

Source: mdahlman

#9. He knows she's going to overcome an operation, and he wants to say this to her: "Everything's gonna be okay!"

Source: Maahee_2

#10. When the whole gang gathers:

Source: CompletelySusan

#11. "To mess with the kitty, you gotta deal with her large pupper friend."

Source: DelayedACK

#12. "When we got them the shelter said they HAD to be adopted together. They demonstrate why on a daily basis."

Source: Shuuk

#13. Nothing can be happier than having a friend like this!

Source: tikicult

#14. "My cat gets protective whenever it’s time to put our dog in their room to sleep."

Source: Aviddly

#15. "My Terrier always sits on the golden lab. Inseparable!"

Source: JuveFan72

#16. “Got my dog an emotional support kitten, this was their first week together.”

Source: aura-li

#17. Dog: "Can I join you with the sunbath, too?"

Source: xkreiosx

#18. Cat: "Ah... don't move, I'm so scared!"
Dog: "OK, I won't. Don't worry, you won't fall down!"

Source: Jangafet

#19.- "Owner is going to go shopping at the market, and he'll take us with him."
- "Really, you sure? What will you buy? I'll buy chicken."
- "Chicken only? I'll buy the whole supermarket!"

Source: LeggettJennifer

#20."My sister's Dog, Bowie, went on a playdate with 2 other Goldendoodles. Their owner snapped this amazing moment! Group hug!"

Source: dylyn

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