19 Times Pets Behave In Their Own Way But Unintentionally Scare Owners

Owning a pet is a worth-trying experience, although at times you'll be scared by... these four-legged friends. It is a matter of fact that cats and dogs are as funny as how confusing they are. They love to act in their own way and think with their own logic, which, sometimes, make us confused, and even frightened.
Here are nineteen cats and dogs who appear not to intend to scare their owners. However, the way they behave sometimes makes their owners frightened. These moments are a little scary, but they are funny as well! And if you are finding a way to relax after a day of hard work, this post is absolutely for you. Scroll down to enjoy, and leave us a comment on what you think about these furry friends. Even though they can be a bit scary sometimes, they are still so cute, aren't they?
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#1. "Guys, I am just scared. >.<"

Source: CreativeSuccotash444

#2. "I was focused on my laptop and when I shut it down, my cat appeared in this way to scare me!"

Source: laughherring

#3."This is where our new cat sleeps, so this is what I wake up to."

Source: Dildo_Swaggins1201

#4."A little smile to go with your scrolling."

Source: SmackJak

#5. Boneless cat!

Source: gaiatitan4512

#6. "I think he wants to come inside."

Source: IvoryHeket

#7. "She doesn't meow. Chirps or screams, no in-betweens."

Source: Enilodnewg

#8. "His big move is to lie down and scare you with his face."

Source: Yaqiliu94

#9. "Hooman, we need to talk!"

Source: Just_Games04

#10. "When you perform an exorcism on your cat..."

Source: EvenAndreas

#11. I felt a little scared when first scrolled upon this face.

Source: BabyDude5

#12. "She scares me sometimes!"

Source: aadingers

#13. "I made a Halloween tree, Barnaby’s doing his part to fit in."

Source: ilovebabyblayze

#14. "My cat has found God, he has been like this for over 5 minutes, I’m scared."

Source: HamburgerUwU

#15. "I looked down and saw her staring at me from under the rug. It scared me until I realized it was her."

Source: Leila_Koch

#16. "Chasing water... she smiles and thinks she’s friendly. Most people are scared of her size."

Source: Skippy-C

#17. "He scared me a bit."

Source: little_ladybird13

#18. "Turn that music down now!"

Source: Kelmo7

#19. "Dog loves to stare into my basement office and scare the crap out of me when I look up."

Source: patchoulius

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