17 Confusing Pet Pictures That Need 100% Of Your IQ To Understand

Confusion is the situation in which people don't know, or don't understand what is happening or what they should do next (Cambridge Dictionary). Confusion can happen at any time, in anywhere, and to any person. There are so many things that humans can't explain, which, later, makes us so confused. Even some pets owners who spend mostly twenty-four hours a day staying with their pets sometimes can't explain what's wrong with their cats/dogs. And that makes hilarious moments.
These owners are sharing seventeen times their pets left them so confused. They've captured several pictures of these moments, and we are sure these pictures will take you more than one look to understand. However, when you get it, you'll feel a lot of fun and joy. Can't wait to see these confusing photos? Don't worry, we are not taking your time anymore. Let's scroll down to enjoy!
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#1. Meet Oops "the craziest guy in LA".

Source: GraveBreath

#2. I've kept trying to figure out which leg is that one thrown over the body ... front? back? Neither makes sense!

Source: Dazeofthephoenix

#3. "My puppy lost his head when he fell asleep??!!"

Source: Kenneldogg

#4. Is he missing a bunch of parts?

Source: Azsnee09

#5. This dog is...weird!

Source: TheGingerHarris

#6. "Cat sits like human…dog photobombs and shows his confusion!"

Source: Cindyf65

#7. "Where's my dog?"

Source: GDegrees

#8. That's a really good shot!

Source: sohohds

#9. "He looks like an evil villain and he appears to be confused about which is the wall and which is the floor. But he’s very comfortable!"

Source: notsoinventivename/

#10. "Google photos truly capturing the essence of my golden retriever (there's nothing actually wrong with him)."

Source: klompenandkittens

#11. "My mom sent me this picture of our cat sleeping in a derpy position."

Source: IAmTheGreenVex

#12. So confused!

Source: Retarded_Wolf

#13. Is this a dog or a sheep?

Source: daria_arbuz

#14. "Our cat thinks she's a penguin"

Source: OxfordAndo

#15. I'm still trying to figure out what's his front and what's his back leg."

Source: jinkeys26

#16. "Not sure how his foot isn't asleep...Alba is equally confused."

Source: nicoleturcotte87

#17. Confused enough!

Source: fliminglaps

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