20 Pets Who Are Purrfect Medicine For Your Broken Souls

Every one of us has once experienced sadness, the feeling that comes when something doesn't happen in the way we expect. Maybe, there is nothing better than having someone stay with us, support and cheer us up at the hardest time of life. If you are having a cat or a dog, those reassuring gestures can come from your pet. These furry friends are sometimes annoying,  but they always know a way to make us feel warm and cozy inside.
We believe that pets can offer their owners more than they think, especially when they feel down. So, if you are finding a way to heal your soul, this post is for you. We'll show you twenty cats and dogs who are cute, adorable, and funny enough to make you smile.
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#1. "I SEE YOU?️?️"

Source: me_colin

#2. "I think this is derp enough"

Source: alamperwira89

#3.Cutest cosplay ever!

Source: Beautiful_Fishing569

#4. Let's smile!"

Source: yokokikuchi_ks

#5."If I fit I sit" - "Me too." - "Me three."

Source: grey_boi

#6. Everyone, meet Hunter!

Source: whoknows299

#7. "Found a loose seal in my bathroom"

Source: ihopethiscomesoffwitty

#8. "We are going to chill with some Champagne tonight? Wanna join?"

Source: Inmodwetrust

#9. Cuteness overload!

Source: vinkulelu

#10. Kitty, how many marshmallows in your mouth?

Source: Mini_kittyy

#11. "Our cat, Pluto, loves his paper bag..."

Source: IAmCastlePants

#12. "There's a monster under my bed. Anyone HELPPP?"

Source: indoor_horse

#13. So sweet!

Source: ianbuckf78uikf

#14. "My boy got neutered yesterday. The vet office took a photo for me after he woke up."

Source: twoyenfee

#15. "HEAR ME ROAR! … and now I’m sleepy."

Source: YeetimusSkeetimus

#16. "One of my puppies bit my finger then pulled back and made this face for a solid 10 seconds, he’s my favorite."

Source: thaiede

#17. "Don't leave me alone!"

Source: AmyDBaker

#18. She's giving you a fake smile.

Source: NipNop96

#19. "How about a nice cuppa Joey?"

Source: grannybubbles

#20. "My friend's grandad feeds the local strays, this is what he woke up to today"

Source: Gaib_Itch

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