Innocent Kids' Drawings That Are Not So Appropriate For Adults' Minds

Every parent wants their kids to develop both physically and mentally. Outdoor activities are great for physical development. Art, on the other hand, is good for their minds. Learning art at a young age will be the best for children as their creative minds are open to everything. Looking at a drawing of a kid is like looking at an abstract painting at an exhibition.
However, you may find it difficult to interpret those kids' drawings, just like all other abstract paintings. And be careful as your mind may deceive you. Children are innocent, and their drawings are nothing different. That's us who make a false assumption when looking at those paintings. So, let's check out the list below to see whether or not you're deceived by your mind. Remember that nothing here is dark. It's only your mind.

#1 I Think The Kid Meant "Cook"

Source: krato1995

#2 I Come In Peace

Source: Miecz

#3 "Hulk Smashes The Kardashians" By My 10-Year-Old Son

Source: greenconverse11

#4 Little Girl Drew A Picture Of Her Mom At Work. The Mother Is Actually Selling A Snow Shovel At Home Depot

Source: Imgur

#5 I Love The Beach

Source: Jessica H

#6 Made A Book For My Dad For Father's Day. My 13 Year Old Sister Could Use Practice Drawing Whistles

Source: jessgro

#7 My 5-Year-Old Cousin's First Drawing Of Her Mum

Source: shmadui91

#8 I Worked A Kindergarten Graduation Service Where The Kids Drew Their Own Programs. Obviously It's A Lighthouse

Source: Tallulahipp

#9 This Was My Daughters Artwork About A Monkey And A Lion

Source: Jessica Campbell

#10 And One Night While We Were Listening To Old School Rap He Drew Two Turn Tables

Source: Amy Aucoin

#11 My 5-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Picture Of Her At The Farm Holding A Shovel

Source: Sarah Armstrong

#12 My Brother Teases Our Little Sister With Chalkboard Drawings Every Day. This Was Today's

Source: JuicyCracker

#13 My Kid's Drawing About Her First Day Of Kindergarten. It's Her Teacher

Source: Copernicat

#14 My Uncle's A Firefighter. One Of The Kids They Rescued Drew Up A Thank You Note

Source: ORCH1D

#15 My Daughter's Skeleton This Is In The Classroom. Apparently A Daddy Skeleton

Source: Cecile Hannes Brits

#16 My 4-Year-Old Son's Drawing Of Santa. Yep That's His Hat

Source: Amy Perry

#17 At What Point Should You Tell Someone That Their Kid Is Drawing Questionable Art?

Source: shotdead7

#18 My Friend's Son Drew A Picture Of Mommy Mowing The Lawn

Source: l00pback0

#19 Found A Drawing I Did As A Child. I'm A Little Bothered

Source: briarbeauty

#20 Farting Ducks


#21 I Found An Old Drawing My Sister Drew When She Was Little... Of Her Sacrificing Me To The Alien Gods

Source: MusicMan101

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