35 Times Hotel And Airbnb Guests Got Shocked By Their Hosts' Fails

In life, we have to make many decisions, such as which department to study, what job to do, when to get married, when to have kids, and so on. Because tons of decisions are waiting for us to make every day, it's understandable that we can make terrible decisions at times. Take choosing a hotel room for example. Many people have shared their worst experiences at hotels and Airbnb online, and they are painfully hilarious.
When we plan a trip, we all hope that we can find the right accommodation to have a good night's sleep in a cozy hotel room with full service and facilities. However, life, more often than not, plays playful pranks on us. And these folks in the list below are the unlucky victims. From dirty rooms with a bad smell to crappy designs, all of them have ruined these guests' trips. Scroll down to check them out.

#1. "Worst hotel room design EVER! Seriously... who thought this was a good idea! What's funny is that the bathroom door sill has a lock on it!"

Hotel FailsSource: alex_the_mindful_baker

#2. Ah yes, the only plugs in my hotel room - fantastic

Hotel FailsSource: GrinOfTheCat

#3. Water has been piss-yellow and metallic tasting in our Airbnb for a week now. The owner says they can’t do anything about it

Hotel FailsSource: Go_Commit_Reddit

#4. Got locked out of my hotel room, and went to find the front desk lady and this was on the counter

Hotel FailsSource: vinboslice420

#5. This hidden camera disguised as a clock in my Airbnb

Hotel FailsSource: yumchasupreme

#6. Hotels' shower heads...

Source: Epp-1-Stein

#7. The airbnb I'm renting

Source: julieeeeeeeeeeeee

#8. I need to have a talk with the housekeeper at my hotel...

Source: TheBlindHooligan

#9. It looks like John Wick has been at our hotel

Source: -_-jess-_-

#10. TV In a hotel room

Source: dyoerdt

#11. Advertisement vs Reality (Hotel Alicja, Łódź, Poland)

Source: cavidaga

#12. Booked a cheap hotel in Lisbon with a friend. The pictures on the booking website never showed the toilet and the bed in the same picture. I pray my friend doesn't have to sh*t tonight

Source: Th3_Accountant

#13. The mirror in my hotel bathroom has an antifog section. Unfortunately, I'm 5'2"

Source: Bommie20

#14. My bed at a hotle I'm staying in

Source: dosnos

#15. Only plug socket in the hotel room...

Source: Ferr8

#16. The size of this hotel key keyring that I now have to carry around everywhere with me for the next few days

Source: splurgeoverthem

#17. Mushrooms growing in my hotel room. It's a Novotel...

Source: dAnKjAy7

#18. This is the hot tub of the Airbnb which was the main reason why I rented the spot. Smelled terrible and was obviously not cleaned in forever

Source: Forsaken_Storm_6397

#19. Our shower in Croatian Airbnb

Source: Cold-Tumbleweed8840

#20. Why do hotel rooms insist on making me watch my partner bathe? I‘m just glad I’m not sharing the room with a friend or parent…

Source: Coneskater

#21. The shower heads on a "4-star hotel"

Source: innoalvin

#22. More reasons to hate Airbnb. I went on a trip several weeks ago to New Orleans, and our Airbnb host didn't tell us until we landed that the pool was unusable. The A/C in 80% of the house was broken too. More context in comments

Source: daxter304

#23. The cleaning ladies at my hotel left the door open to the closet where they keep the clean bedsheets and soaps

Source: mar414

#24. The salt shakers at my hotel (it had a kitchen)

Source: the_DEANominator

#25. Both spelling and the actual password for the WiFi at a hotel where a friend is staying

Source: notdanstevens

#26. Girlfriend forgot the lock was in place and opened the door fairly gently. Lock snapped immediately…Hotel locks makes me feel safe

Source: battletank1996

#27. State of an oven during my first shift last night at a known hotel, and certainly my last

Source: Rheavens

#28. Found this note in my hotel bed last night...ugh

Source: time2fly80

#29. You have to step over the bathtub to get between the toilet and the sink

Source: Mococe

#30. Had an uncleaned Vrbo rental turn into the owner trying to bribe us into a perfect review

Source: graceful_klutz

#31. In case of hotel fire, move vending machine

Source: HorseWithNoUsername1

#32. The built-in USB charger in my hotel lamp wasn't working so I turned it over to take a look

Source: Sharpbarb

#33. This closet in a german hotel needs several warnings.. and I still almost hit my head

Source: MichiWiegi

#34. There’s a mirror screwed into the ceiling above the toilet in my Airbnb

Source: Island_Living_

#35. The carpet at my 250USD per night hotel in Disneyland

Source: iantochiw

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