30 Laugh Out Loud Pictures To Make You Hoot And Holler

Smiling is a great way to start a new week. People say that laughter is the best medicine. And that is true. When you laugh, your heart beats faster and you breathe deeply. As a result, more oxygenated blood is circulated through your body, which enhances vascular function and prevents heart disease. Hence, laughing can truly improve both your physical and mental health.
There are tons of funny things in life that can cheer you up, from the cute smile of your kids and your partners to amusing signs you spot on the streets. We have compiled a list of laugh-out-loud pictures than can make you hoot and holler. They are ranging from naughty birds stealing clothes hangers of local people to funny pranks by humorous partners. Scroll down below to check them out and enjoy a fabulous laugh with us.

#1. Ever wondered what the opposite of a stork was?

Source: The_Human_Event

#2. People falling in to the water because they think this is a gravel road

Source: Kachelpiepn

#3. Billboard I saw on the way to work. I had to circle back just to be sure what I saw

Source: Jtheriot33

#4. Ommmm

Source: Smrcobhc7

#5. Pizza Hut in Taiwan sells pizza with only crust on April Fool's day

Source: w41k3r_19880

#6. These grapes gave my shopping cart truck nutz

Source: lowlife9

#7. Moving out of house. Left something in the crawlspace for when the new residents start to snoop

Source: plasma2002

#8. Came back to my puppy just chillin

Source: Nospaghetti

#9. Sign in Atlanta, Ga. Thought it was funny

Source: detective-mcnulty

#10. Artist rendering of how much space my wife leaves me in bed. Approx 5000 square inches of a possible 6080. She's the Ghengis Khan of the king mattress

Source: Therealfern1

#11. My wife accidentally used the wrong soap in the washer

Source: taloncard815

#12. Any guesses on what animal my 5-year-old drew?

Source: kingofthesofas

#13. My niece’s 26th birthday cake

Source: Perfect-Tea6654

#14. One of us tells only the truth, one of us tells only lies

Source: don_Juan_oven

#15. My husband thinks it's funny to buy dog treats disproportionate to the size of our dog

Source: mercuri4l

#16. My neighbor got a new dog… wait till he gets back from work

Source: Ambitious_Wolf

#17. Nothing more disappointing than looking up in under your vehicle after launching your boat and discovering that you have a bad seal on the diff

Source: JacobDziki

#18. Best student sign i've ever seen

Source: ibaker99

#19. Best. Picture. Ever.

Source: pray4m0j0

#20. The sign on my husbands graphic design department

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: meltee

#21. Best fishing trip ever!

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: vaitor

#22. I’m remodeling my basement and all the ceiling tiles were just removed. I found my cat like this

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: proffie

#23. So I found my 9-year-old’s “lost” Yoshi toy in my freezer

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: d8ms

#24. Contractor gets in the cabinet he just built to prove its sturdiness

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: obvnotlupus

#25. My wife just texted me this picture of our cat playing behind the TV

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: FutonSpecialOps

#26. The poor horse just wants a nap

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: Prcrstntr

#27. Just don’t

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: _Cookiee_

#28. Just chillin

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: anoobsearcher

#29. How I found my 4-week-old and husband...

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: unknown / reddit

#30. They really made a cock and balls of their branding

Laugh Out Loud PicturesSource: cruz273

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