35 Interesting Tweets About Raising Twins That'll Will Make You Burst Out Laughing

Raising a kid is difficult, but raising two kids at the same time is even more difficult. It is said to be double trouble that twins parents face in their life. Twins are an interesting topic and people seem to be curious about what it's like to be a parent of twins.
Generally, twins are born on the same day and around the same time. They have a lot of similarities, and sometimes it not only ends with their appearances but also may share the same DNA. That's why it's not easy to distinguish them. Having twins means double the bottles, cribs, and everything else, but it also means double the love, excitement, and joy. Why? Let's see Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Alice in Wonderland, or Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter, needless to say, twins are sources of Entertainment, even if they do nothing without standing by each other. Therefore, being a parent of two little ones isn’t as bad as it may seem. It's sometimes considered an amazing experience in the parenting journey.
Raising a baby is a common experience that may not make you curious. However, a lot of us will also wonder what it's like to raise twins, and how parents manage to tell them apart when they grow up. Below are 35 funny tweets about raising twins that depict amusing moments parents have with their two little milk ghosts. So, scroll down and welcome to the world of twins!

#1 Just in case you'd like to know

Source: conz

#2 Always even

Source: FatherWithTwins

#3 No anything at all?

Source: NicoleLeighShaw

#4 The emptiness that they leave will never amount to the happiness when they are home

Source: HousewifeOfHell

#5 Fraternal twins

Source: HousewifeOfHell

#6 A lottery game

Source: mizpahka

#7 The perfect combo

Source: conz

#8 What kind of sick joke is this

Source: BarkyBoogz

#9 Mom will do it instead

Source: mamabirddiaries

#10 MAMMY?

Source: twisteddoodles

#11 They are literally twins

Source: HousewifeOfHell

#12 Imagine the exhaustion!

Source: steveolivas

#13 Same but different

Source: cakevans

#14 Just Woody from Toy Story

Source: MacgyveringM22

#15 Thanks for the tip!

Source: FatherWithTwins

#16 It's your choice to get all riled up or enjoy it!

Source: TwinzerDad

#17 Always have two of everything

Source: FatherWithTwins

#18 Write it down!

Source: mat_johnson

#19 Twins all grown-up

Source: HousewifeOfHell

#20 Maybe there's a pattern here

Source: TheAndrewNadeau

#21 Truth be told, not every parent can distinguish them easily

Source: MumInBits

#22 Pro tip: think of them as dogs

Source: shannx9

#23 A day in the life of a mom with twins

Source: MumInBits

#24 No further answers

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: FatherWithTwins

#25 April Fool's—but it's actually for the rest of your life

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: cakevans

#26 Sure, it's you

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: 3sunzzz

#27 A full circle

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: JohnLauner

#28 So the whole telepathic thing wasn't true?

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: MumInBits

#29 Saving money and space with this hack

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: LindaInDisguise

#30 Blood, sweat, and tears overload!

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: cakevans

#31 Twin brotherly love

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: AlwaysSunnyinOH

#32 Twins born on different days

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: anne_theriault

#33 The control and the experimental

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: TheAndrewNadeau

#34 If someone asks you this question, these are some of the most creative ways to answer them

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: twisteddoodles

#35 Faith in humanity restored

Tweets About Raising TwinsSource: DadisGrumpy

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