31 Super Funny Tweets From Women That'll Make You Say "Women Are Too Cute"

After Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, many users discussed leaving the platform. However, there's no denying that Twitter is an amazing social platform for entertainment, which makes someone think again if they want to leave it. Indeed, there are a lot of posts on Twitter that make us pay attention and laugh every day. Many celebrities and influential people like Donald Trump or even Elon Musk also regularly use this platform, and I don't count how many times we laugh our heads off at their serious yet funny tweets.
On Twitter, you can find iconic and hilarious tweets that crack you up the whole day and some of these tweets are from women. Yeah...no one can deny that women are gorgeous and too cute. But, there's more to women than meets the eye. Let's see their lines on Twitter, women will surely make you laugh out loud at their sense of humor as well as their wit.
Interestingly, each funny post from the ladies of Twitter gets many positive responses from both women and men. Some comments are as funny as the post, which brings people a wave of laughter.
Today, we also want to bring a wave of laughter to our readers by collecting the funniest tweets written by female users and putting them together in this post. Hopefully, you will enjoy them. Check them out in the gallery below!

#1 Possibly worse

Source: isabelzawtun

#2 ? I remember when this happened to me. But I don’t trust anyone but her

Source: TocarraElise

#3 Dinner pancakes hit different

Source: KaraBTweets

#4 Someone answers her question

Source: MichaelaOkla

#5 Smoking hot dresser

Source: whotfisjovana

#6 That one is clearly a threat

Source: eleniZarro

#7 And not even by a little…. like, by a lot

Source: isabelzawtun

#8 That's it he's done, great job a rod

Source: BrotiGupta

#9 Do your checks clear tho?

Source: ginnyhogan_

#10 Agree or not?

Source: rosedommu

#11 It's giving

Source: ymmayer

#12 Or at least pop on flashlight mode when they're on set

Source: MariaSmal_

#13 A relationship is 100/100 each partner must give their all

Source: jzux

#14 Please make this a sketch

Source: svershbow

#15 This has got to become the start of a romcom someday

Source: abbygov

#16 This is my standard practice

Source: ElyKreimendahl

#17 Well this took a turn

Source: roastmalone_

#18 Me ready to cancel my plans for tomorrow

Source: sokurovark

#19 Oooh, sweet catch!

Source: theheatherhogan

#20 People would pay for this experience

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: caitorade

#21 That guy’s supposed to be 17???

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: RohitaKadambi

#22 None of these words are in the Bible

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: Swilua

#23 It was roughly when all the homemade bread was getting stale enough to be a sea biscuit

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: leahmarilla

#24 Sounds like Gordi found his perfect companion ?

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: ashleyn1cole

#25 No longer relevant

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: thesarahkelly

#26 Or as they call it in Ireland, International Women Day

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: yungkatelynne

#27 When you’re friends with a real estate agent…

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: caitiedelaney

#28 Haha! Who can relate?

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: mommajessiec

#29 I thought it was Wine and chocolate!!!

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: daughter_ion

#30 LMAO her face

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: kenzianidiot

#31 My tiktok is just food, Mukbang is going to drive me insane ?

Super Funny Tweets From WomenSource: paytmitch

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