21 Imperfectly Perfect Pets Who'll Change Your Mind About Disability

It is sad to know that pets with imperfections are often the last ones to be adopted at shelters. While it's true every human loves beautiful things, we do believe that disabled animals deserve to be treated better. As an idiom ever says 'don't judge a book by its cover', these animals are actually more talented and adorable than their appearance seems to be. Also, they are beautiful, in a unique and confident way.
Today, we gathered 21 photos of pets who have different disabilities, and we are sure they will win your heart.  From cross-eyed cats to dogs born without front legs, all of them are completely unique. Scroll down to enjoy their beautiful imperfections! No matter how they look, they are always perfect in our eyes. With this post, we hope to change your mind about disability that is thought by many people to be rather negative. Disability is not to be ugly, but to be beautiful in its own way!

#1. Roux was born without front legs, but she's living her life to the fullest!

Source: lilbunnysueroux

#2. "We just adopted a new family member, the breeders said she was 'imperfect' because of her tongue. She is the sweetest girl."

Source: thespicyasparagus

#3."The saddest cat on the Internet!"

Source: bekk1b00

#4. "Guys, meet the new derpy cat in the family... Maxwell!"

Source: imgur

#5. Smushie was born with an underdeveloped nose and a cleft palate.


#6. "This is Vincent (van Gogh) the one-eared cat"

Source: I_speak_Australian

#7. "This is my cat, Matilda. The photo is not edited, these are her real eyes! Have you ever seen another cat like this?"

Source: imgur

#8.  This cool little Chiweenie was also born with a goofy overbite.

Source: tunameltsmyheart

#9. Herman was known for his big eyes and loving nature.

Source: exoticherman

#10. "This pup might have been born with a body that was much shorter in length than the other dogs."

Source: quasithegreat

#11. Every dog deserves a good home and a family to love them, even the odd-looking ones.

Source: Snipsthetips

#12. "Here's my cat, please don't be judgy, she's disabled ❤️"

Source: mofo69420

#13. One of this cat’s eyes is gold and the other is blue.

Source: /SupremeCommunistCat

#14. This cat is a little goofy, but also totally fun. Say hello to Scuba!

Source: sammixxlove

#15. This rescue cat has a crooked jaw, but she is happy and not afraid to show it.

Source: imgur

#16. Bundle Of Joy!

Source: smushofficial

#17. "My friend's cat, full-derp and extra cute!"

Source: someshooter

#18. "Roo was once thrown away like trash 4 being different. "

Source: roothekangaroocat

#19. "Adopted this tiny weirdo from the shelter! We assume he is a dog."

Source: fancy_terrible

#20. "My yellow lab was born with a crooked face. Seeing it when I'm feeling blue makes my days 100x better."


#21. "This is Dora and she has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen on a cat."

Source: Naked_Burgered_Spa

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