Disney Princesses Reimagined As Modern-Day Pregnant Mothers, And The Results Are Fantastic

Endings in Disney movies are usually happy, and this is easy to understand. Our beloved characters had to vanquish evil and fight for their freedom, so they deserve to live happily ever after. They get married, become parents, raise their children, and live life to the fullest. What an interesting idea it would be if we could see our favorite Disney characters living happily.
Understanding this, a Russian artist named Oksana Paschenko decided to use her maternity leave and reimagine Disney princesses as modern pregnant mothers. We’ve never seen these disney princess in modern day like this before, and the illustrations are absolutely amazing.
disney princess in modern day

Source: goldoxi21

Here are some illustrations depicting the most popular Disney princesses with their unborn babies. Scroll down to check them out!
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#1 Mulan and Li Shang

disney princess in modern day Disney princess in modern day

Source: goldoxi21

Paschenko said that she was inspired by her own pregnancy to create these stunning artworks depicting Disney Princesses as pregnant women.
“I myself was already pregnant and since it was a magical time, I thought, why not remake the Disney princesses as a continuation of the happy ending to this tale?” she said.

#2 Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella in modern daySource: goldoxi21

#3 Jasmine and Aladdin

Jasmine in modern daySource: goldoxi21

#4 Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Princess Tiana in modern daySource: goldoxi21

#5 Pocahontas and John Smith

Pocahontas in modern daySource: goldoxi21

#6 Princess Ariel and Prince Eric

Source: goldoxi21

#7 Princess Belle and Prince Adam

Belle in modern daySource: goldoxi21

#8 Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

Aurora in modern daySource: goldoxi21

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