17 Times Pets Show Their Inner Compassion That Is Too Adorable Not To Share

It's important to learn to be sympathetic to other people's feelings when they are in tough situations. However, this is a hard lesson that not many of us can remember and practice every day. If we ever try to 'forget and forgive' more frequently, our life will be full of love, care, and meanings.
But, it doesn't mean there is no place on Earth where you can find compassion! It does exist and is being shown clearly in the animal kingdom. Yes, you are not misreading anything, the animals! Scientists have suggested that animals possess the purest hearts, and they can be masters at expressing their sympathy for other creatures. Pets, for example, are able to think of the feelings of their owners, and they always try to reassure them. So, today, Paw Planet comes up with a compilation of seventeen compassionate cats and dogs who are too adorable not to share.
Now, let's scroll down to meet them!

#1.  "He acts like he doesn’t care, but he’s the best cat dad ever. Banjo won’t move unless Snacks does."

Source: pogonophobia

#2.  "My dog brought me her favorite toy when she heard me crying in the bath after a very stressful day at work."

Source: justfearless

#3. "I didn't sleep very well...bad dreams and all. When I got up this morning I was a bit rattled, sat on the couch, and had coffee. This sweetie boy comes over to reassure me, purring and just all kinds of lovable."

Source: Eruaphadion2016

#4. "My cat holds my hand and stays with me when I'm feeling down."

Source: Percussionoid91

#5. "I adopted this cat yesterday. Here’s how it’s going with my dog."

Source: mgw89wm

#6. "Jo (black) doesn’t like to be cuddled or loved on by my dog or cat. But Saturday morning, she broke my heart by being a little spoon with her little sister, Riker."

Source: sahipps

#7. "Baby was crying while I was in the bathroom but suddenly stopped. I came out to find this."

Source: TroubadourJane

#8. "My rabbit is ten years old and has trouble cleaning himself now. Colby stepped up to the plate."

Source: BlueAndDog

#9. He knows she's going to overcome an operation, and he wants to say this to her: "Everything's gonna be okay!"

Source: Maahee_2

#10. "My cat does this thing where she'll lay on me when I'm in a depression episode. It's very reassuring and comforting."

Source: cleverkitten98

#11. "After being missing for 4 days, this dog was found protecting these orphaned kitties."

Source: 26E4U

#12. "My cat holding my dog’s paw two days before she died of liver cancer."

Source: clover219

#13. "My friend’s dogs were caught hugging before a visit to the vet."

Source: im_a_worm

#14. “This adopted Pit can’t stop hugging his new owner.”

Source: Unicornglitteryblood

#15. "My 6-year-old cat and the newly adopted 20-year-old dog finally starting to get on!"

Source: MRBFSL

#16. Nothing can be happier than having a friend like this!

Source: tikicult

#17. "Digby protects Newt when they are outside with fireworks. When she gets nervous and whimpers or shakes, he licks her head."

Source: adamantonym

Do you agree with us that animals have feelings? If you have pics of animals showing compassion and empathy, feel free to share them with us in the comments below! Don't forget to share this article with your friends and family members!
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