20 Photos Proving That No One Can Take Care Of Owners Better Than Pets

As humans, we do need someone to care for us, support us, especially when we are in tough situations. The ones who show their love, care, and comfort to the taker are more precious than words. It would be more meaningful when the furry friends can do those things for us! Pet language is different from that of humans, but pets are masters at expressing their love in a way their owners can feel and take in. It's true to say pets are perfect companions who will give their owners a hug, stand by the door waiting for them to get home, or look at them with loving eyes. Enough to heal you, right?
With this in mind, we write this post. It introduces 20 stories of dogs and cats who know how to warm their owners' hearts with caring behaviors, and they'll make you feel loved! Can't wait to see these adorable friends? Let's meet them now!
Tell us if you'll rush to shop and get a pet for your own after reading this post!

#1. “My dog brought me a pair of boots when I got home. I’m truly honored.”

Source: Livid-Lad

#2. "My dog (Kara) just checking if I’m alive in the bathroom."

Source: zdarna76

#3. "My dog brought me her favorite toy when she heard me crying in the bath after a very stressful day at work."

Source: justfearless

#4. "My mom's dentist office has therapy dogs for nervous patients like her."

Source: Segments_of_Reality

#5. "My dog has seen me work out at home many times now, and just brought me one of my dumbells."

Source: YourNameWisely

#6. "Find yourself a partner who looks at you like my cat looks at me.”

Source: hakkapee

#7. "Even though she’s a baby herself, she bravely stands guard against the birds and squirrels who might dare threaten her little human."

Source: blackpinkwhite

#8. "After a lifelong phobia of dogs, my mum seems to be getting over it. This is how she and my dog look at each other"

Source: Phoenix_girl1911

#9. "My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing. She looks super cute while doing it too"

Source: xGoldenTigerLilyx

#10.  "I didn't sleep very well...bad dreams and all. When I got up this morning I was a bit rattled, sat on the couch, and had coffee. This sweetie boy comes over to reassure me, purring and just all kinds of lovable. This is why I love cats...a kinda quiet dignity about them"

Source: Eruaphadion2016

#11. "This is Freya. She brought me out of a dark place and I’ve never been happier <3"

Source: LustyRgonian

#12. “This is Chloe. She took a dangerous noodle (copperhead) bite to the face last night protecting my dad. And she got to come home today! 13/10 bravest puppy”

Source: hooty_hoooo

#13. "My cats' love for me is so unbiased, they don’t realize or care much when I make mistakes or fail. They love me regardless and that’s just part of the beauty of having animals."

Source: masha_pluznik

#14. “This is my dog waiting for my dad to get home from work. This isn’t the best picture, but I think it’s very cute!”

Source: BlueThunderSky

#15. "This is Eddie. He works as a therapy dog for kids in Intensive care. His little bag is full of toys for them. He even wears a hospital ID with his picture on it."

Source: rktk98

#16. "My cat does this thing where she'll lay on me when I'm in a depression episode. It's very reassuring and comforting."

Source: cleverkitten98

#17. "My dog always needs to be touching my arm. We were her 4th home in 11 months. She’s always got a paw on me, especially when I’m emotional."

Source: Electricpillow

#18. "This adopted Pit can't stop hugging his new owner."

Source: Unicornglitteryblood

#19. "Our little street rescue, Tootsie. This cat follows me everywhere when I am home. Even helps herself to my lap on occasion. I could not possibly have asked for a better cat…"

Source: FamousAcanthaceae149

#20. "My dog greets me every morning with a gift. Today it was a feather."

Source: Doucherocket

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