Phineas and Ferb: Did Jeremy Have Feelings For Candace?

During the show, there are couples that caught the audience’s excitement: Phineas & Isabella, Ferb & Vanessa, … Among them, Candace and Jeremy’s relationship seems to have the most interactions. Candace has always been consistent toward Jeremy and we all can see her attempts to catch his attention.
It’s obvious that Candace Flynn has had a big crush on Jeremy Johnson for a long time. She worshiped and went crazy because of this guy. She would often spy on him and apparently got nervous when Jeremy was around. Perhaps you still remember her weird smile or tones of voice… However, Candace remained unaware that Jeremy was conscious of her feelings and returned many times. The thing is whether the guy had feelings for Candace? What do you think? Let’s analyze a little deeper here to see if there were any hints our girl missed.

#1 American Popteen Idol Star

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Candace lose the competition and she was feeling blue. Jeremy came up and comforted her. “Don’t let your brothers stop you from having fun, when you get a chance to sing, you gotta sing” he motivated Candace. OMG, he always showed up when Candace needed to be lighten up.

#2 Candace's jealousy

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Candace was jealous of Nicolette as she had no idea that girl was Jeremy’s cousin. She messed things up and the result was both of their arms plastered in cast. However, Jeremy explained that he just helped his cousin with video games and he ended up with a sign on Candace’s cast.

#3 Arranging successfully a date

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When they arranged successfully a date, not only did Candace butterfly but Jeremy was also on cloud nine.

#4 Night of the Falling Stars Girls’ Choice Dance

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On the Night of the Falling Stars Girls’ Choice Dance, Candace was afraid Jeremy would mock her for trying to ask him out. In fact, the guy was expecting for Candace's invitation and he was so ready to say “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me”.

#5 No nickname needed

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The time when Candace expressed how upset and disappointed she was because Jeremy had a nickname for anyone he met but Candace, he comforted Candace tenderly. It was so sweet of Jeremy to say “I call you Candace but not because I don’t care enough to come up with a cute nickname for you. I call you Candace because I really kinda like that name… cause it’s your name”.

#6 Christmas Day

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On Christmas day, Jeremy sold his electric guitar to buy earrings that Candace wanted from the magazine (he had remembered it) because he thought they made a good pair with her necklace.

#7 When we were in Paris

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When they both met in Paris, Jeremy thought Candace was spying on him. But the point is Jeremy called Candace “girlfriend” as he said “I would hope my girlfriend would have a little trust in me”. He marked the G word officially. Unfortunately, they had missed their kiss in Paris.

#8 Unexpected kiss

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Jeremy surprisingly came back early and he came to Candace's back yard first because “he misses his girlfriend”. He reminded Candace about something she had forgotten in France and ended up with a cheesy kiss with her.

#9 Her picture's with me

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If Candace had Jeremy’s altar in her room, Jeremy also stuck her picture on his guitar box.

#10 Special one

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There was a day when Jeremy asked Candace out to his uncle’s restaurant. He had a surprise for our girl which was a sandwich named after her “The Candace Special”. He knew a sandwich with grilled cheese was her favor so the dish was especially for her.
After this article, should we say Jeremy is kinda simp?
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