20 Dogs Who Seem Not To Know How Stupid And Funny They Are

We tend to surprise at the abilities of our canine companions. But let’s think of this: Dogs often need to depend on humans for pretty much everything. So, instead of celebrating these good boys and girls as usual, let’s explore the things they are not good at! Today, Paw Planet come up with the compilation of twenty dogs who are acting awkwardly because they don't know, or don't understand how things actually work. As a result, their owners have a good laugh over their silliness.
If you are looking for a way to refresh your day, don't skip this post because it will crack you up and change your mood. Here are twenty pictures collected from the subreddit r/DogsAreFuckingStupid where people share their dogs who, with their logic, do things in a stupid way. We are not taking your time anymore; now you can scroll down, and enjoy the hilarious moments below.
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#1. "We just adopted Bobo. He came with a free doggie door."

Source: doftheshores

#2.  When the dog thinks it's a cat...

Source: micmac2869

#3. I guess dogs can be 'assholes' too!

Source: NYC_Underground

#4."Where did it go?"

Source: JennaWarreni

#5. "Dumbass can’t even jump without falling on its face"

Source: hajamieli

#6. "Linda has decided that her fur is yummy"

Source: coffee_gang

#7."Throwing a fit because the other dog gets to nap in the stroller."

Source: St0pX

#8. "She knew I was leaving and decided to hide..."

Source: BlootilyBloop

#9. He’s just a bit peckish!

#10."This dog is catching leafblower air with its mouth"

Source: NearlyOutOfMilk

#11. "$1200 gates? No problem! Cheap panels to make it higher? I laugh in your face. You ain't keeping me in this yard!"

Source: Hapcore

#12. "Oh, a door? But why can't I go through it?"

Source: Reddit

#13."Oh, look, treats!"

Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#14. "Today someone learned that bees are, in fact, not food."

Source: lildumbo

#15. "Folding the body? Sounds interesting! Let me try it... oh it's harder than I think LOL!"

Source: Suka_MyDoodle69

#16. "Hooman, let me out..."

Source: hajamieli

#17. Goldens are so dumb LOL!

Source: Ghdust2

#18. "She’s right next to the couch, but yes, lay on the hardwood."

Source: BlootilyBloop

#19. "My dog after getting busted eating food from the pantry"

Source: ButteryDoughnutFluff

#20."I'm so tired of this kid. But I really love it, people see how it is!"

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