17 Carefree Pets Who'll Teach You How To Live The Best Quality Of Life

Let me just ask you a question: "Are you living your best life?" If you'd say 'No', it is a pity that you haven't lived the life of the fullest. We all know that things are not going the way you expect them to go, but don't give up. No matter how life is hard for you, we believe that you can live the best life as you deserve it.
While many people are struggling to make their lives better and happier, some animals are lucky enough to have a happy and perfect life. It is likely that these furry friends were born to chill and enjoy their lives. They know how to live the best life, so we've collected some pictures of carefree cats and dogs to share with you today. These friends seem to know they only live once, and they are trying to live every second in the way they want. What about you? We hope you will think and do the same!
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#1.  "Today is a wonderful day, isn’t it?"

Source: AramintaFlapdoodle

#2.  "This is Phil. Today he explored the backyard for the first time!"

Source: Jfilip27

#3. "That smile is infectious :)) Hope it makes you smile too"

Source: corpuscularian

#4.  "Dear Sir and Ma'am, how may I help you?"

Source: Princess_Limpet

#5.  “Haha, that’s a funny joke you just told.”

Source: finn775

#6. Every day, every night, every nap...

Source: ddsrece

#7. "When everything goes wrong, I just smile"

Source: i_like_cacti69

#8. “If I lie on it, it’s mine.”

Source: JGP_Miguel

#9. Yawn to blow out all the saddest things!

Source: Sommanetso

#10. “Petting time is the best”

Source: sukiicat

#11. Sleeping like there is no tomorrow!

Source: bo_mang_co

#12.“Luna is hoping everyone is having a good day!”

Source: Imgur

#13. Killua and Suki often follow their parents on adventure trips and wonderful travels to new lands. They are described by parents as 'two little trouble-makers.

Source: sukiicat

#14. “Forget the sun, these flowers should turn to watch me.”

Source: siberian_reinhardt

#15. When you really want to do something, never care what others may judge you with that!

Source: bella_mur

#16. "My girl is enjoying the first warm day in a while. She seemed so carefree that I sat outside with her for a bit and we chilled. Dogs know how to make the most of a nice day!"

Source: GreenCupcake23

#17. He is Tombili, the social media's favorite carefree cat!'

Source: spacepasta

Remember, life is short, so live in the present moment!
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