20 Times Pets Feel Red Cheeks Coming On When You Look At Them, And That's Cute!

Humans feel shy from time to time, and animals are no different. Most often new and unfamiliar things can bring out shy feelings in humans. This shyness can mean feeling uncomfortable, bashful, nervous, or insecure. But when it comes to the shyness in animals, it turns into pure and sweet tenderness. So what does a shy animal look like? Well they could look like this.
We at Paws Planet have collected photos of some shy animals to share with you. These animals are so shy that they will make you want to hug them and fill them up with love. Scroll down and you will see how cute and pure these shy animals are.

#1. May I have a hug?

Source: aspencer80

#2. "Phil can be shy, but he loves holding hands"

Source: Sssneakysnek

#3. "In my first post, he's shyer than I am"

Source: Splahh

#4. "No one can see me, I’m not here."

Source: kkc118

#5. "Why are you looking at me like that? HAHA!!!"

Source: thealwaysbeliever

#6. "Oh, no, you found me!"

Source: rbtmchl

#7. "Yes, I do! I’ll be your pet forever!"

Source: ahamedzahir

#8. “I think they’re taking our picture. Act like you don’t notice.”

Source: touchpadking

#9."She's a little shy but she's coming around"

Source: hvprohop23

#10. "Is the food ready yet?"

Source: porkchopsandbeer

#11. "Are you mad at me?"

Source: catsdogsnferrets

#12. "It’s not that I’m shy, it’s just that I’m sunbathing back here..."

Source: MackTheHunter

#13. "I know I’m very pretty, but please, no pictures!"

Source: surfvvax

#14. "Tell us you love us very much."

Source: xouns

#15. "Oh no! He’s got the camera out again."

Source: Aylaviere

#16. "I love you too, owner."

Source: BooyahBoos

#17. "I’m not hiding, I’m just looking for the keys..."

Source: Sokoleo

#18. "Ah! You scared me!"

Source: deadleavesfrozen

#19. "Can I have a kiss pleaseeeee...."

Source: diraMarshQQ

#20. "Mom.. take me a photo... right, with this post!"

Source: shoaib222

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