34 Genius Design Ideas That Show How Incredibly Creative People Can Be

Our living standards keep improving. Every day, thousands of products are created. Some designs are beautiful. Some are absolutely genius. They all have had a significant impact on the everyday lives of many people around the world. Below are some genius design ideas that people have come up with, including architectural, graphic, industrial, furniture, and product designs. These serve as evidence of how incredibly creative humans can be.
Scroll down to check out the 34 genius design ideas we have collected. They are so brilliant that you might want to take money from your purse to buy them immediately. In your opinion, what are the designs that are the smartest? Please let us know. If you have ever stumbled upon any genius designs, please share them with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. Logo used for a vet

Genius Design IdeasSource: Jualisco

#2. LEGO advertisement

Genius Design IdeasSource: squid50s

#3. Shark Fin "Wet Floor" caution sign...

Genius Design IdeasSource: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#4. The cover of 1984

Genius Design IdeasSource: logangrey123

#5. This 1-cup milk pitcher

Genius Design IdeasSource: GreenScREEndEAth

#6. "Wear a seatbelt" ad

Genius Design IdeasSource: jacob_lian

#7. Japanese Black Melon-pan

Genius Design IdeasSource: BaronVonBroccoli

#8. Nicely done, Barilla

Genius Design IdeasSource: zhivojin

#9. Plastic awareness

Genius Design IdeasSource: Brone9

#10. Eraser slowly goes bald

Genius Design IdeasSource: LogicNYC

#11. Donut shop/box

Genius Design IdeasSource: OhioDude178

#12. This unique 'Samurai Vodka' bottle...

Genius Design IdeasSource: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#13. Some toilets have a sink attached to the top so that you can reuse the water in the next flush. Millions of liters of water are saved this way!

Genius Design IdeasSource: Divachu

#14. These McDonalds billboards

Genius Design IdeasSource: ImpossibleAnger

#15. Anti-Smoking Cigarette Packs...

Genius Design IdeasSource: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#16. Tulip chairs in The Netherlands

Source: DRmaxito43

#17. Clever design incorporating a fire extinguisher at an aquarium

Source: bartlettdmoore

#18. This frosted mirror display for a squeegee at IKEA

Source: flawierbarbie

#19. Christmas tree with wine bottles

Source: office_2007

#20. The eraser that turns into a tiny Mount Fuji after some time of use

Source: MarshallTan

#21. This shirt has buttons on the inside that prevent the dreaded boob gap!

Source: kalimoo

#22. The Way these headphones look in their box

Source: ATrueAlpha

#23. Park exhibit


#24. The bag my new glasses came in

Source: sadshuichi

#25. A silly light


#26. TP holder

Source: dittidot

#27. Trident gum packaging

Source: coexistentialist

#28. 1920s perfume holder

Source: Ra505

#29. Ad for an eyewear company

Source: Potle09

#30. This door handle at a butcher's

Source: Roomystatue

#31. Rassen chopsticks by N. Meister in collaboration with Hashikura Matsukan for Nendo

Source: bigmeat

#32. This pasta packaging

Source: dwbrick

#33. A bench built into a wall

Source: Import

#34. A bar of soap that gets sad as it approaches its demise

Source: wallflowerface

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