20 Designers Who Deserve To Get Paid More For Their Creative Products

We have written a lot of articles about funny design fails and crappy designs that have made many people on the Internet roll on the floor laughing. Those products provoked questions, "why could designs come up with those things?" or "What happened in their mind when designing them?" However, not every designer are amateur, there are many talented designers who dedicate their lives to inventing useful and creative products that facilitate human life.
We have compiled a list of the most amazing items with genius features ever. To come up with a product, these designers must have had to work hundreds or thousands of hours, for sure. If you are curious to see how innovative they are, scroll down to take a look. These creative products will blow your mind. And maybe, you will want to bring them to your house. What are the best products in your mind? Don't forget to upvote them and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

#1. The hardwood floor grew a table

Source: sloppyFarts

#2. The bike rack at this dentist's office looks like it's being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste

Source: madentr12

#3. This sidewalk sign that shows an umbrella when it gets wet

Source: jebbaok

#4. My school fights littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans

Source: Oltarus

#5. This coffee measuring spoon has a clip for the coffee powder bag as its handle

Source: embrace_singularity

#6. Somebody deserves a medal for the design of this grocery basket

Source: eeega34

#7. Elevator kick buttons

Source: rastroboy

#8. They had a bike at my school to blend a smoothie that they were handing out at lunch

Source: _Nrpdude_

#9. This fence will be straighter soon

Source: littlelordgenius

#10. Puzzle carpet

Creative ProductsSource: j3ffr33d0m

#11. "Piece by piece Alzheimer's takes away the memory". Campaign for Alzheimer Forschung Initiative

Creative ProductsSource: BlkShpp

#12. Disposable bowl made out of nothing but three pressed leaves, sturdy despite being fastened together with just a small bamboo pin. Used by street food vendors in India

Creative ProductsSource: 9999monkeys

#13. This pro-bike sign

Creative ProductsSource: henr_u

#14. The name tag on my kid's jacket has lines for 3 names for hand me downs

Creative ProductsSource: sixpackremux

#15. This soap dispenser makes soap in the shape of Mickey Mouse

Creative ProductsSource: jem711

#16. Kaunas, Lithuania on Valentine’s day

Creative ProductsSource: DaArunas

#17. The coke bottle on this cup is transparent so the bottle empties as you drink

Creative ProductsSource: chris102099

#18. This mug I found with a tea bag holder

Creative ProductsSource: nextjesus

#19. Febreze bottle with a bottom part removed

Creative ProductsSource: SAM041287

#20. This restaurant uses shadows to show men's and women's restrooms

Creative ProductsSource: Rook_Mozga

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