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Embarrassing Texts From People Who Are Totally Wasted

Don’t drink and drive. People must have been hearing about this all the time. It’s against the law to drive while intoxicated. And it’s also a dangerous action. Your affected mind cannot respond accurately and quickly enough to any unexpected situation would it happen. That’s why accidents are more likely to happen late at night when the bars are closed, and the drivers are not sober on their way home.

Drunk driving is dangerous. But when people are drunk, they can do something even crazier than that. Texts sent from drunken heads are seriously the funniest things people can see when they open their phones. Seriously, there should be a law that prohibits people from drunk texting, or some unlucky person can get injured from laughing too hard. Sit tight and scroll down to check out the list below. We have collected some of the most hilarious and embarrassing drunk texts to present to you. Enjoy!

#1 My Drunk Friend

Source: nickthebest131

#2 I Was Rudely Awaken From My Sleep By Drunk Text Messages From The Undergrad I Supervise In My Lab… Let’s Just Say Mario Cart Saved Her Ass

Source: TwistedScience

#3 Smooth Move Drunk Me…

Source: wookiebread

#4 Got So Drunk Last Night I Thought I Was Texting My Friend For A Ride, But I Was Just Texting Myself For The Whole Time

Source: MWigs_17

#5 May Or May Not Be Drunk At This Moment In Time

Source: kaerene

#6 Most People Drunk Text Their Ex Or Someone They Fancy…. Not Me…. What The Actual Fuck Was Going Through My Drunken Mind

Source: annievicvic

#7 Going Through My Messages After A Night Of Drinking

Source: clemintide

#8 Best Drunk Text Of 2014 Goes To My Wife

Source: velomash

#9 I Was Trying To Drunk Text My Gf Last Night But Sent It To My Boss Instead

Source: j_duoo

#10 Dealing With Problems Like

Source: LifeWithAlcohol

#11 Why Can’t I Just Drunk Text Like Normal People?

Source: TechnicallyRon

#12 How Not To Drunk Text Your Friends That Like Cats

Source: Swrdmn

#13 Liquid Clearly Did Something To Be Last Night. Sorry Boohoo Customer Service

Source: lucydagostino_

#14 Remind Me Never To Go On Carousell When I’m Drunk And High Ever Again

Source: Jannagracetan

#15 Just Got A Drunk Message From My Dad

Source: piratewaffle

#16 Best Friend And A Drunk Me Text

Source: MontiWong

#17 Apparently I Tried To Log In To My Online Banking When I Was Drunk

Source: fart

#18 Last Night I Was So Drunk I Replied To My Own Text

Source: losingseIf

#19 I’m Drunk

Source: elitereloaded

#20 Officer In The Uk Sends A Text To A Man He Gave A Ride Home To When He Was Drunk. Even The Police Are Classy Gentlemen Over There

Source: DeaditeQueen

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