20 Times Pets Get Confused And Their Reactions Are Just Irresistible To Us!

Confusion is the situation when people have no idea about what is happening or what they should do next. It occurs so frequently in daily life. When we get confused,  the facial expressions often come with
head tilting to the side or eyes glancing around - a quite silly look that makes other people laugh at.
Like us, animals do know how to express their confusion, but in a much cuter way. Cats and dogs, who live close to humans, have more than once cracked up their owners with adorable faces when they are confused. The following pictures are some of them! We are going to show twenty moments of pets getting confused and we think their behavior is something you can't resist.
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#1.  "How did I get here? Helppp"

Source: sarah74326

#2.  "Little Diablo seems perplexed by the sound of the VCR rewinding."

Source: Ninjartistic

#3. "Accept freezy pop?"

Source: Spooky1791

#4.  "Headscratcher? Again?"

Source: healah-dancing

#5.  "Kitten meets its Sims 4 alter-ego"

Source: Towairatu

#6. "Deaf and partially blind pup tried to comfort a foster kitty?, but she seemed confused"

Source: tyw7

#7. "My dog Kye recently graduated beginner obedience school and didn't understand what was going on."

Source: tesstriesnewthings

#8. ""Is that treat for me?". Our fosters look of confusion, excitement, and wonder."

Source: IncognitoMan18

#9. "I chew...this?"

Source: ThaRandl

#10. "Noodle is confused by humans using the bathroom!"

Source: Agreenleaf5

#11. "That was his first pumpkin and he had a full investigation."

Source: aiqbal125

#12. "Our new house has ceiling fans, which he hasn’t ever seen before! We didn’t even turn them on but he kept doing this when he’d accidentally catch a glimpse of it."

Source: Gmantheloungecat

#13. She thinks it's real.

Source: Fatcatdaisy

#14. "Mama, why the H*** are you LAYING IN THE WATER?? That can't be safe."

Source: sexydaisymay

#15. "Bunny woke him up!"

Source: johnbushkaboy

#16. "Who is that guy?"

Source: dee_snutz

#17. "What are those?"

Source: dee_snutz

#18. "Don't scare ... it's you on the mirror!"

#19. CAT:  "I don’t like the look of that thing"

Source: dee_snutz

#20. DOG: "Are you kidding me? How??? Why???"

Source: dee_snutz

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