17 Cats And Dogs Who Think They'll Never Forget Their First Shopping Experience

If you are finding a way to relieve stress and raise your mood, why don't you try shopping? There must be a reason why shopping has become a popular hobby of millions of people in the world! And if you believe, it is a good way to refresh your day! Normally, when asked about their first time going to the supermarket to buy things, most people would say "I like it". However, some others wouldn't think they enjoyed their first shopping experience.
Like us, the animals do live such things. While some animals feel excited about going to shops, others don't like it at all. So, today, we would like to share with you seventeen cats and dogs who think they'll never forget their first time going shopping. There are good experiences, and there are negative ones as well. But all of them are memorable. Now, let's scroll down to meet our friends!

#1. This guy strolls his dog at the store, and I think the dog loves it so much!

Source: TheManOfSteel13

#2. "Wh...what...??? Am I supposed to be sold?"

Source: Bodega Cats

#3. "YAY a trip to Home Depot! This is the BEST!!!" v.s "My legs are short and I'm tired."

Source: EricaH121

#4. "So tired! I should have a sleep before mom can figure out which dress to buy at this shop!"

Source: KremKaramela

#5. “It’s okay, not a pet, I own the joint!”

Source: Bodega Cats

#6. "What do mean I can only have one????"

Source: sausagecat05

#7. "What sticks to my face? Can anybody help?"

Source: damnitobbengal

#8. I hope he gets to eat tons of tuna.

Source: DonnarViking

#9. "Haha, what kind of machine is it? So much fun to ride on it!"

Source: ssarahhhhhhh

#10. "Great. They are mine now. I'll stay here forever!"

Source: Bodega Cats

#11. Gotta sniff every inch before you decide what you want

Source: Reddit

#12. He mustn't have thought that he would get a lover after going to the shop!

Source: Bodega Cats

#13. Perfect fill!

Source: casacorazondelmar

#14. She is shopping for a sweater. Can you see her?

Source: Link2theMax

#15. "Look it tells you how to use, where I'm pointing. Thought humans were smart, I'm tired don't disturb me again, please!"

Source: Bodega Cats

#16. "This hardware store has a black cat that apparently just waltzed in and never left. They call him Blacky."

Source: mcrawforwqerwer324

#17. "Right there yeah yeah, and a little bit to the left! OK, you may go now I won't need your services anymore"

Source: Bodega Cats

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