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25 Relatable Things That People Have All Experienced But Will Never Talk About

Many of us share the same experiences about life. People all grow up, go to school, go to work, meet others, build up relationships, etc. In 70 years of an average human’s life, we will come across many things. And we love to sit down and share those stories at gatherings. But trust me. There are things that we all know, but we will never talk about them to anyone else.

Have you ever refused to wake up because you checked your phone, and it was two more minutes until the alarm? Or when someone tells you their name, and you just immediately forget it. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. We have some of the funniest relatable experiences that people rarely talk about. Let’s check them out now.

#1 The immediate track

Source: sukiipan

#2 The smack

Source: eduardonut0

#3 Ye ol’ garbage-can read

Source: davidconfused

#4 The charger yoga

Source: BlaineLSimpson

#5 The brain reboot

Source: sarahmaloneyxx

#6 What really happens before an email

Source: carlosIruizM

#7 The longest walk

Source: diabolllus

#8 The quadruple overpack

Source: gilineezy

#9 The hidden hill breathing

Source: deelalz

#10 The eye rub

Source: NewWxve_

#11 The room fashion show

Source: Stetson

#12 That lil’ awkward shuffle

Source: DearVaughn

#13 The eternal distrust

Source: brittyfun

#14 The synchronized breathing

Source: benoobrown

#15 The out-of-body experience

Source: Cupid’s Nut

#16 The worst sight to behold

Source: Notelbaxy

#17 The tingles

Source: OpenAero

#18 The mumbles

Source: _ninetwo8

#19 Those clicks

Source: charles270

#20 The most extreme sport

Source: ruckin_

#21 The hardest question you’ll ever answer

Source: therealcodybuer

#22 The remote trace

Source: Nazikiller____

#23 The $5 spending spree

Source: rapidly

#24 The big delay

Source: K y l e

#25 The flailing

Source: cassthevirgin

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