21 Dogs Who Follow Owners To Market And Become Good Shoppers

Dogs always earn our love with their cuteness, loyalty, and intelligence. Studies have shown that most dogs possess a great ability to observe, listen and understand their owners, making them one of the most compassionate friends of humans. Thanks to its intelligence, sometimes, these guys will surprise us with the things we never think they are good at.  One of them is shopping!
Today, we are introducing to you twenty-one furry friends who amaze their owners with their shopping talents. They are so friendly, cute and we are sure these smart shoppers will surprise you as well. While pets are believed to be human's friends, why don't you once let them decide 'what to buy for today'?
Now, let's scroll down to meet these clever friends!

#1.  "Pickles at the first time in PetSmart, and of course, she picks a cat toy"

Source: radstr

#2. "Bernoulli loved plant shopping at Home Depot"

Source: cammy319

#3. "I would buy him anything he wants!"

Source: codallas

#4. "Luna has a nose for bargains."

Source: Wicked_Tangerine

#5. She is shopping for a sweater.

Source: Link2theMax

#6. "What do mean I can only have one????"

Source: sausagecat05

#7. "YAY a field trip to Home Depot! This is the BEST!!!" ... "My legs are short and I'm tired."

Source: EricaH121

#8. "I want some..."

Source: OFPReflex

#9. "Does window shopping count?"

Source: Subterfug3

#10. "Lucy loves to visit the small animals in PetSmart ?"

Source: ImBusyEating

#11. "I would like to purchase this chew please!"

Source: penny_dreadful_mess

#12."I caught these good boys and girls at the supermarket"

Source: slingshotmetoheven


Source: Chibbayyyy

#14. "Haha, what kind of machine is it? So much fun to ride on it!"

Source: ssarahhhhhhh

#15. "Dumpling loving her new hat!"

Source: aznbbyghoul

#16. "Mommy, when can we go to the pet food store?"

Source: notmythrowawayaccunt

#17. "Mom... I want the red long one on the left!"

Source: ifsamfasted

#18. "Shopping is a lot better with him around! His smile won him a few more toys. "

Source: Palzonee

#19. Gotta sniff every inch before you decide what you want

Source: Reddit

#20. "So that's the one then?"

Source: legendaryjerry

#21. "How was the trip? Did you buy any think at the supermarket?"

Source: BigRiverKing

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