16 Crazy Texts From Parents Who Have Lost Their Minds

Parents love their children, for sure. Parenthood is not easy. There are tons of things you'll need to care about, and it's even harder when your kids grow up. Parents tend to worry, and sometimes they're a bit overthinking. They are stressed enough with all the responsibility they take, so this is understandable.
However, things are not always like that. Parents can be unreasonable at times. Their illogical demands and actions are ranging from mildly infuriating to totally unacceptable. The subreddit r/insaneparents collects such unhinged texts from parents. And we have selected some of the most typical and unbelievable examples to present to you. Check them out in the list below.

#1 Mom just asked me for 600$ when i work a minimum wage job then tells me to stop spending

Source: CHIEFXx

#2 My mother sent me a picture of her birthday party invites. I live on the other side of the country and i have an exam that day

Source: terminally-stupid

#3 I was taking a test...

Source: CurtisPlays

#4 This is how my mother thinks reconciling works

Source: DoctorPaxton

#5 I’m going to an Iron Maiden concert. I’m also almost 30

Source: cothromaiochta66

#6 My hair got accidentally shaved too far down on the sides. My parents are saying I look like a part of the Hitler Youth

Source: InspirationalKoolaid

#7 Was at my brothers graduation, my mom texted me this (I had to sit with other ppl and they gave me gum to be nice)

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#8 Yes he is so "sweet"

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#9 My mother if I don't answer right away. I'm 34

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#10 I’m in my mid-20s and in a serious stable relationship, my mom suggested I freeze my eggs because of the covid vaccine

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#11 My anti-vaxx mom would rather have me loose the job I worked hard to get than get a vaccine. Btw, I'm Autistic and haven't been employed since 2016

Source: AuspiesCreations

#12 Would you rather give him antibiotics now, or hearing aids later....?

Source: MyBeautifulMess

#13 The way my stepmom instantly gets upset when I don't wanna give her my address (bad history between us and she expects me to forgive and forget)

Source: WitchyHazelnut

#14 My [F19] boyfriend [M20] and I went to go visit his mother. I'm 4 hours away from my parents because I'm attending university. This is my parents reaction when I didn't answer them. This isn't the first occurrence either

Source: _lunar_eclipse_568

#15 I’m a trans man and my grandma keeps sending me things like this to try to change my mind on taking testosterone and it’s driving me crazy

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#16 I’ve been going back and forth on whether this would fit, but I’ve had horrible stomach pains and decided to not go into work, this is the first shift I’ve missed

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