15 Funny Unusual Sports From Around The World

Exercising sports is a good way to keep people healthy, both mentally and physically. We all know about the king of sports - football, and many other popular sports like tennis, baseball, etc. But sport is much like art, people can use creativity to invent new sports that you may never know about.
There are many things unusual in the world. And in the list below, we're glad to present to you some of the most unusual sports ever invented. The name of these sports itself can make you laugh your head off. So now, scroll down and check them out. Do you know about these sports? Take time and enjoy.

#1 Hobbyhorsing - Finland. It's like a normal horse racing game except, of course, it’s the people doing the running.

Source: Paula Kutvonen / Flickr

#2 Cardboard Tube Fighting League - California and Australia. The goal is to break your opponent’s cardboard sword without breaking your own

Source: Helen Cook / Flickr

#3 Extreme Ironing. Extreme ironing is really simple: take your ironing board to a dangerous or extreme location… and iron away

Source: wikipedia

#4 Kaiju Big Battel - New York. Basically, people dressed as city-destroying monsters fight each other in the right for the amusement of onlookers

Source: Michael Miller / Flickr

#5 Giant Pumpkin Regatta - Windsor, Nova Scotia. Instead of kayaks, the competitors use hollowed out giant pumpkins

Source: Portland Corps / Flickr

#6 Tuna tossing - Port Lincoln, South Australia. Originally, a fresh tuna fish was used. Since 2008, competitors throw a weighted, plastic tuna in the initial heats

Source: portlincolntimes

#7 Chess Boxing. One round of chess. One round of boxing. It’s an interesting fusion of brain and brawn

Source: WCBO / Wikimedia

#8 Toe Wrestling - UK. Opponents press their feet together and try to ‘pin’ their opponent's toes for 3 seconds to claim victory

Source: rockystl

#9 Wife Carrying - Finland. The objective is to carry your wife across an obstacle course as quickly as possible. Some tracks even include water obstacles

Source: U.S. Air Force photo / Cortney Paxton / Wikimedia

#10 Competitive Worm Charming. Here, competitors tap on the ground in an attempt to collect more worms than their rivals

Source: Graham Shaw / Wikimedia

#11 Bubble Soccer. It’s exactly like soccer, except all the players are wearing giant bubbles

Source: Texas A&M University Commerce Marketing Communications Photography / Wikimedia

#12 Cheese Chasing - Gloucester, England. The winner gets to keep the cheese. The losers… usually end up bruised and battered

Source: Michael Warren / Flickr

#13 Dog Surfing. Our furry friends turn out to be exceptionally good at this game

Source: Mike's Birds / Wikimedia

#14 Gurning Contests - rural England. People compete to see who can ‘gurn’ or ‘chuck’ the best. That is, to see who can make the dumbest faces

Source: Entertainers Worldwide / Flickr

#15 Bo-Taoshi - Japan. Two teams of 150. Each team has 75 defenders and 75 attackers. The idea is to topple the other team’s pole before they topple yours

Source: DozoDomo / Wikimedia

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