18+ Pets Whose Emotions Can Melt Any Heart Of Stone

What makes machines never better than humans is that humans can possess different emotions and feelings. And animals, as living things, do have emotions. You may see your pets pissed off at times when you cuddle other dogs, or smile at you with loving eyes after you feed them. There are a wide range of feelings a pet can show to you, like happiness, disappointment, excitement, love, entachment, sadness, and so on. God has created them specially reasonable to become human's friends!
Today, Paw Planet come up with the compilation of cats and dogs whose facial expressions are just so cute that they can melt any heart of stone. If you are a pet lover, we are sure you will love this post. If you are not, we think this post will change your mind later! Now, let's take time to meet these adorable friends!
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#1.  Time for some cuddles!

Source: asu_baris

#2.  He is having such a sweet dream!

Source: Sam0928

#3. "I am watching you..."

Source: jobbythrowaway1

#4. "Huh? I am going to have a trip this weekend? With you? 2 days 1 night?.... Perfect!"

Source: Genelecci

#5. "I know how you feel, Rosco, I know how you feel."

Source: kate9871

#6. "OMG a wild angry dog !!"

Source: Jazzlike_Lifeguard45

#7. "Sometimes my cat will sniff the floor and then just make this face and stare at me. Is he okay?"


#8. “Someone’s going to die” “...of fun!”

Source: Marli_Norzalez

#9. "Hi,..., I'm here to say I love you!"

Source: poolverine

#10. "This shy smiling cat is you when someone compliments you behind your back and you overhear it."

Source: savage-dragon

#11. "Where is my teddy bear?"

Source: highcaliberwit

#12. "A subtle smile, the puppy is very content right now."

Source: sirbarks

#13. "Hey, if there is nothing happened, then why did you wake me up?"

Source: dovinana

#14. "Grrrrrrr"

Source: CemNotJam

#15."W... what?"

Source: pikknz

#16. Super cute!

Source: pvspit25

#17.Mama: "Let's smile at the camera!"

Source: Reddit

#18. The sleeping beauty under the tree!

Source: JeX_Xx

#19. The emote dog is real!!!!! And he's so happyyyyy

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