20 Really Weird Things Pets Do, And Their Photos Are Actually Hilarious!

If you are living with a pet, we are sure that your life is full of joy and surprise. Our 4-legged friends are an endless source of Entertainment. They never fail to amaze us with their hilariously dumb actions and extremely intelligent reactions. Despite being cute and sweet, they are so weird and strange sometimes. They do weird things and behave as if there is something broken in their systems. But no matter how weird they get, or how crazy they may act, they and their not-so-normal actions always make us laugh so hard without even trying. And of course, we still love them so much.
If you want to see how pets can surprise their owners and how weird they are, just keep scrolling. Here are 20 weird pets who were caught in surprisingly awkward situations. Looking at them, we can’t help but laugh. We are sure that many of them will give your well deserved daily dose of fun. Scroll down to enjoy!

#1 She always sleeps with her tail up (not too cat-like).

Source: L D

#2 He doesn't look happy that you found him.

Source: Camilla Koutsos

#3 A fabulous weirdo though.

Source: ohmyitsbrittt

#4 "I’ve made a huge mistake…"

Source: Unknown

#5 He/she is bent in half.

Source: April

#6 Please enable “auto-rotate” screen.

Source: Unknown

#7 He chose to sit like that. For hours.

Source: לילי וילקר

#8 TGI Friday at the office

Source: Unknown

#9 "Rarely do we get snow is louisiana, but the kid seemed to like eating it, so..."

Source: Jennyne

#10 "Don’t bother me. Just doing my regular gymnastics."

Source: Unknown

#11 When your boss hands you more work at 4:30pm.

Source: MarshmalowMatty

#12 "So, I’m here. Where’s my reward?"

Source: Unknown

#13 "Hooman, it’s no time to summon me… I was busy napping."

Source: elevenpyres

#14 Demon Doggo

Source: Muff_Fluff

#15 Another fabulous Instacat influencer

Source: Unknown

#16 "Look, mom! My own bathtub!"

Source: Unknown

#17 He looks like a grandpa when u change the channel thinking he’s asleep.

Source: The_RHLP

#18 "I found a seal in my bathroom."

Source: Unknown

#19 The bat-cat

Source: Unknown

#20 "I don’t see any resemblance, do you?"

Source: Unknown

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