For The First Time In 100 Years, Night Parrot Thought To Be Extinct Is Seen Again In WA!

For the last decades, the list of extinct species has constantly expanded, but social media are receiving good news of the rediscovery of some animals, one of which is the night parrot.
For the first time in 100 years, the species which people thought to be extinct is now caught on camera in the Pullen Pullen Reserve, Western Queensland. Its gorgeous photos have left the birdwatchers "elated", according to a report by The Guardian.

Image: Bruce Greatwich

The discovery was made by a group of four friends from Broome (Bruce Greatwich, George Swann, Adrian Boyle, and Nigel Jackett) who were seven-year-experienced in locating wildlife birds. Telling Guardian Australia, Bruce Greatwich said: “We are quite experienced in these habitats so to hear something new was quite exciting.”

Image: The Guardian

The team detected the species when they were on a nine-day bird-watching trip. In an interior salt lake, they heard some bird calls, which, as described by Bruce Greatwich,  was "very interesting", different from the sounds of all birds they had watched before. They were excited but cautious.
The next morning, a night parrot, which was green and yellow with black-barred feathers, showed up in front of a team member, George Swann. The very eye-catching look brought him a rollercoaster of feelings. He quickly alerted the rest of the group, who rushed to the spot and saw it again fly out from a patch of spinifex.
As they always had cameras on ready for photo captures, they were already able to take some pictures of the bird.

Image: Bruce Greatwich

“We were elated, as excited as you could be. To have something happen that we have worked towards for a long time and lots of people have tried to achieve … we were clearly very, very excited.” shared George Swann.
Night parrot is a rare species native to Australia. Scientists suggested that it is the most elusive bird in the world, mottled with brown, black, and yellow. Sadly, the species has never been photographed alive for over a decade. The rediscovery of four people has marked an important step to the development of the species and the WA mining industry as well.
Rohan Clarke, head of Research Ecology, claimed: "We know that night parrots do occur in Western Australia now. Mining companies, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Parks and Water … they will have to place a lot more import into reported sightings now or in the future when they are making an assessment around potential developments or habitat destruction in the area.”
H/T: The Guardian
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