20 Super-Cute Moments When Pets Jump On Owners And Refuse To Leave

Sometimes, the relationship between pets and owners is so strong that we can't tell it only by words. As pet owners, we do love pets because they've become a part of our life. But to these adorable friends, we mean their world, so some pets even love owners more than themselves! You may see your cats or dogs kiss and hug you, try to make you laugh, or stay by your side on a bad day. These are how they show their affection! When when you see your pets jump on you, staying in your arms and refusing to leave, you should know that it is also their love language!
These cats and dogs are just so cute when they stay inside owners' arms, begging for their love and attention. Of course, the owners can't say "No" for this cuteness overload. If you were there to witness those adorable moments, for sure, you would be melted!
Let's scroll down to meet these cute friends!

#1. Man: "I hate cats!" - Cat: "Papa, did you really say that?"

Source: thatredgirl19

#2. "There is nothing better than mama's cuddles!"

Source: smktg

#3. "Sometimes, when they’re not trying to eat my yarn, my foster kittens will fall asleep on me while I knit"

Source: knitknitpurlpurl

#4. "He jumps on me and sleeps while I can't just say 'no' to this cuteness overload!"

Source: mattiebowdenstudios

#5. "My kitten on my feet to stop me from going to work."

Source: Nearly-God

#6. "My new litter of foster kittens has brought me a sweet baby sleeping on my guitar while I play again, she stayed there for hours"

Source: cpics_traveler

#7. "Her little boy knows she doesn’t feel good. Happy puppy cuddle time. That's so cute!"

Source: Kgilliam93

#8. "I am a kitten. Hear me roar."

Source: sammiebewitched

#9. They both look comfy.

Source: disgruntledginger1

#10. "My kitten likes to put his paws on my shoulder and watch TV with me."

Source: Klaus_the_cat

#11. "Since he was a kitten, falls asleep on me, paw straight to the “shut up mum” position EVERY TIME ??‍♀️?"

Source: miss-with-an-m

#12. "Hey mom, can I sit here and have a sleep?!"

Source: mycutescottishcats

#13. "I have a puppy on me, and I can’t get up!"

Source: Bos_girl12

#14. "Just chilling on my bed with FIVE KITTENS around me! (The secret fifth one is in my armpit)"

Source: DrPotatoSkins

#15. "An every night occurrence. As I lay and play my switch lite (currently on a Witcher 3 playthrough), my cat Cooper always jumps up and lays with me. He watches for a bit then falls asleep on me."

Source: PanDime86

#16. "Mama, no, can you not go to work and stay with me one more second?"

Source: ichiropoo

#17. "I'm sick, but my kitten sure made me feel better by sleeping on me in the cutest way possible"

Source: Iodine-127

#18. "I’m used to neonatal puppies but this week I took on 8 kittens. No one warned me how loud they are!"

Source: kath_a_wren

#19. "This is my cat, Chewy, laying on my son, Squishy. Squish was a very colicky baby and had a hard time sleeping but as soon as Chew-Chew would lay on him, he'd settle right down and go to sleep. "

Source: Slave_To_The_Machine

#20. Awww!

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