17 Cats And Dogs Who Have Difficulty Getting On Well With Their Housemates

If you have tried living with other people, you may know that it is not quite pleasant sometimes. Different people have different hobbies and thoughts, as a result, arguments will happen. Some arguments occur to help people understand each other better, but some lead to a breakdown in communication. Like us, animals do experience the same things! When it comes to living with housemates, some animals think they will never get on well with their friends!
This is such a tough problem that many owners have with their pets, but it's funny at the same time! To deal with it, some owners try to keep their pets apart,  while others share it on the Internet to ask for help. Do you want to help them? Let's scroll down with these cats and dogs and see if you have any suggestions to help them get along well with each other.

#1.  "She (the cat) hates him (dog) and he's terrified of her... so this was a really special moment!"

Source: tearcat801

#2.  "Our dog gets jealous when our cat sits with my husband."

Source: Spoookytiger

#3. "She knows he hates him and likes to rub it in his face."

Source: windshadowislanders

#4. Cat: "Go away. Don't you know that it's not your seat???"

Source: Rishit42

#5."He was jealous that the cat got wet food so he got a tendon chew."

Source: dubdubsy

#6.  "He’s watching me and my other dog snuggle from the back of the couch. Jealous."

Source: Biological_Scum

#7. "My dog loves boxes. My cat gets jealous of him. She doesn't like him either"

Source: VinDoubleDeisel

#8."You ate my food. How dare you!!"

Source: Subhan1234

#9. What do you think how did the owner deal with his pets?"

Source: J17793

#10. "I am not sitting in the wrong position. It's him who lies in the wrong spot"

Source: Partyingmanbear

#11. Dog:  "Why you bite me? I just slapped you and bit your tail. Are you crazy?"

Source: Grizz_Warrior

#12."It's hard to see them not fighting with each other like this!"

Source: crunch816

#13. "Sparta, the husky, tolerating Pepper the kitten! Sparta doesn't get along with her and will nip at her when she's jealous or thinks the cat is gonna eat her food. Sparta doesn't like to cuddle anyone as it is."

Source: Woodpuddle

#14.Cat: "I have you!"
Dog: "I hate you more"

Source: Comfortablejack

#15. “Nothing to say with this guy. He doesn’t cooperate when we take a photo together”.

Source: Imgur

#16.“What do you want? Don’t annoy me!”

Source: Imgur

#17.“I'll come back to you later when we finish lunch. Watch out!”

Source: Imgur 

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