20 Photos That Show The Fantastic Growth Of Our Beloved Pets

Our pets have short life spans, so they grow at an enormous speed! In a few months, a tiny one can make an amazing transformation and approach their adult size. Looking at our best friends, we can't forget the moment we met them for the first time when we could hold them in the palm of our hands. But now they are all grown up and become adult family members. However, we still love them and treat them like babies.
Although they are with us in short time, they bring so much joy and love to our lives. And to celebrate the beautiful life with our four-legged friends, we decided to collect 20 photos that show you how much our pets can grow over time. These photos also remind you of how fast time can fly, but some things, they do stay forever. So scroll down to check for yourself!

#1 Before And After

Source: Mia Steiner

#2 7 months apart! Old habits are hard to break...

Source: 20a4we

#3 Then and now!

Source: Unknown

#4 "His favorite place hasn’t changed though."

Source: Imgur

#5 What a beautiful, wonderful dog!

Source: Tricia Jansen

#6 At 15 months X 2 & At two years X 2

Source: Camilla Koutsos

#7 From a timid puppy to an adventurous trail dog.

Source: Imgur

#8 "My furry little kitty. She rules the house and has since day one."

Source: Maryanna Baldridge

#9 Magnificent!

Source: Moira Schein

#10 10 years apart

Source: Imgur

#11 ̀̉6 months later

Source: Imgur

#12 Handsome Harry! He hit by car, but made a full recovery and is now living his best life.

Source: Tracy Cintron

#13 Harley Quinn had a glow up.

Source: Caitlyn Falkenberg

#14 6 weeks old and 6 months old

Source: Ashley Andrews

#15 "He used to be so small and now his butt doesn’t even fit in my hand."

Source: Imgur

#16 rish Wolfhound. 2 months to 4 months

Source: Allison Faye

#17 "My cat at the age of 8 weeks and at the age of 18 months."

Source: Imgur

#18 Just over 1 year old vs just under 8 years old. Is there any difference?

Source: Rachael Rodrigues

#19 Desk buddy through the years

Source: Imgur

#20 "My Hippy when I first found him in the middle of a highway on a stormy night on my birthday in 2016, then four weeks after I found him and now!!!"

Source: Angie Hennington

Are you a pet owner? Please share photos of your pets growing up with us in the comments below!
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