This Subreddit Is Dedicated To Rare-Puppy Pictures, Here Are 20 Pics Any Dog Lover Should Save To Phone

Dogs always know a way to make us feel loved and reassured inside, which is why we love these fluffy friends so much. As dog lovers, we love all kinds of dogs, and puppies as well.  This is a Subreddit that we think, any dog person should visit every time they are looking for a way to lift their mood! Dedicated to puppy pictures, it is a place you can find love and cuteness overload!
Today, Paw Planet comes up with a compilation of puppies who look just so adorable and sweet, and they will certainly heal your heart. So, if you are having a bad day, forget about it and cheer yourself up with these twenty pictures!
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#1.  "Black bear or black bean?"

Source: lunarinfluence

#2.  "Are we really about to kiss right now?

Source: 4aparsa

#3. Hey Dougie! Happy Birthday and stay as cute as you are now!

Source: TechnicallyRon_

#4. Can you feel the love in this picture?

Source: FoxBearBear

#5. OMG, those paws and eyes... They steal my heart!

Source: megagooch

#6. "Hi world! I'm coming to make friends!"

Source: ghoulsnest

#7. “Haha, I just discovered mud for the very first time”

Source: BeltedCoyote1

#8. These are Japanese Chin Puppers. They are quite rare, and beautiful. Have you ever seen them before, or have you ever owned one?

Source: SlamTheKeyboard

#9. "My cake day post of my girl, Pearl, comfortable on her throne."

Source: OsymandiusPrime

#10. "Come on! Let's go, I'm ready for a trip!"

Source: Haqel

#11. "How do I look with this hat? Lovely, right?"

Source: NadaXX

#12. "Cute girl we adopted... She is being a little sunshine in our lives♡"

Source: incelXD

#13."Oh hey! I love you! Why are you upside-down?"

Source: zenamidesign

#14. What a handsome boy. He deserves all the naps and boops! (He is a Rotweiller, a very rare pupper)

Source: DalbergTheKing

#15. His face looks so funny LOL!

Source: pocket_kira

#16. "Come on Barbie. Let’s go party…."

Source: ConsciousHunt2683

#17. I love her. She's cute, Red Husky Aya Sophia!

Source: Kuma_Paws_376

#18. "Hello, everybody! I still have no name. Can you help me to find a name?"

Source: Plus_Mathematician37

#19. Senorita Bonita!

Source: EERCom

#20."At 8 months old I present to you Pixel! My little sunny dogo!"

Source: -dogo-lover-

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