Kitten Followed Dog Home While He Was Walking With Parents, Then A Miracle Happened!

When a little kitten appears on the sidewalk and follows you home, will you adopt him? Of course! - I bet you would say that. And this is our lovely story today.
Jon Nienaber lives in Cleveland with his wife, three cats and a dog. One day in the summer two years ago, Mr. Nienaber was wandering with his dog in their neighborhood, a tiny kitten ran up to them and dicided to go along.

When realizing the kitten following, Jon called his wife to come and see the cat. She remembered that "He poked his head through a little chain link fence, and he started following Jon and I as we were walking away! He seemed determined to stay with us."

When the kitten followed them to the end of the street, Leslie said to her husband that they had to take him home
The brave little ginger boy tried to play with his canine friend and would walk up to people for love and attention. "When I got him home, he was really dirty, and I tried to clean him the best I could. He seemed hungry," Leslie told the reporter.
The couple already had a full house of pets, so Leslie thought about her sister, Sarah, who is also a cat lover herself. Sarah came the next day and took the kitten in with open arms. Sarah immidiately named the kitten “Pinot”
"I'll admit that it was really hard to give Pinot away - he was just this brave, determined little soul who wanted to survive, and was the cutest kitten we had ever seen. It made me really happy that my sister took him in, because I knew I'd get to see him grow and I could always visit him," Leslie said.
Sarah was smitten with Pinot from the moment she saw him. After a few trips to the vet, the little kitten was back on his paws, stronger than ever.
First trip to the vet

He loves playing with small stuff like Q-tips

Grown up to be obsessed with boxes. Playing ...!

And sleeping..,!

One other hobby is watching birds from the window. How gentle !!!

What a beautiful fluffy cat!!!

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