17 Funny DIY Pools Ideas That Are Actually Brilliant

If you can afford to have a house with a pool inside, so why not? Everyone loves a pool party, especially on hot summer days. And while people cannot go to the beach during the lockdown, enjoying the cool water in a pool seems to be more desirable than ever. But what if your house doesn't have a pool?
Well, not everyone has enough money to build a pool right in their backyard. However, they have many ways to solve the problem. If you don't have a pool in your house, just make one. People use their limitless creativity to make DIY pools to cool down in the summer, and those ideas are totally genius. Let's scroll down and check out these funny images of the DIY pools we have here for you.

#1. Business in the front, a party in the back

Image source:

#2. This pool is literally garbage

Image source: h_xhra

#3. Hangin’ out in the trailer

Image source: OurExtendedStay

#4. These guys are redefining the tailgate party

Image source: Pinterest

#5. The horses called, they want their hay back

Image source: Elizabeth Reid

#6. A wheelbarrow has so many uses

Image source: Libero

#7. A pool you can tow anywhere!

Image source: lightersideofrealestate

#8. Turn a tent into a pool

Image source: unknown

#9. This pool can also double as a water slide when you are done

Image source: BadFoto

#10. Turning a dumpster into a pool

Image source: ollikeranen

#11. These DIY pools look uncomfortable but effective

Image source: dweeblist

#12. Looks fun! Just be careful, tho

Image source: Humorial

#13. Cold beer, good friends, DIY pool

Image source: uberhumor

#14. I always thought boats were for use ON the water

Image source: Ogdaa

#15. Teenagers wanted a pool inside their home

Image source: mirror

#16. Dumpster diving to the max!

Image source: research.fuseink

#17. A cooler pool for one

Image source: Paloma Leblanc

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