31 People Who Had Absolutely Bad Luck, Only Because They Couldn't Remember Something

Picking up ladder forgetting the paint was on top? Forgetting passport in the WC before getting onboard? There's no need to worry about premature memory loss just yet as it turns out it's just how our brain works.Although the human grey matter is capable of storing around 2.5 million gigabytes of memory, we tend to forget memories that are similar to each other (feeding the cat for instance) from time to time, to remember the novel or more interesting ones better. People had bad luck all the time.However, these little losses of memory can be a cause of some pretty funny stories (for you and your friends, not for Mister Mittens sadly). These are the most Unlucky people just because they are forgetful. 

#1. Made cake toppers for my wedding and forgot to check the oven's temp before putting my fiancée in...

People had bad luck all the time.Source: flapflip3

#2. Remove your ice tray to get unlimited ice

People had bad luck all the time.Source: Zombilicious

#3. Someone on the ferry forgot to put handbrake on.

People had bad luck all the time.Source: User348844

#4. Put them in oven on purpose to hide them from kids. Forgot about them.

People had bad luck all the time.Source: _Dahl_

#5. Their flight left 2hrs ago

People had bad luck all the time.Source: czmax

#6. Uhh, excuse me officer, but it looks like you forgot something

People had bad luck all the time.Source: QuasarsRcool

#7. (OC) One of my students forgot her cheat sheet INSIDE her Biochem finals answer sheet. Epic fail.

People had bad luck all the time.Source: Bigbluefartmachine

#8. I picked the ladder up forgetting the paint was on top

People had bad luck all the time.Source: tiger_qween

#9. Dear person that drove off with the air pump still attached to your wheel, you forgot your teeth.

People had bad luck all the time.Source: jseabrooke

#10. My father forgot to tell me the renovations would be taking the stairs out today.

People had bad luck all the time.Source: murderously-funny

#11. Forgot To Switch Back From His Fake Account After Complimenting Himself

Source: stutteringjohnm

#12. “I think I left a window open last night, not sure.”

Source: ValueMaverick

#13. My friend forgot to check his underwear before putting it on.

Source: animasci_

#14. Friend forgot he had bear mace in his car after camping over the weekend, and the hot sun turned it into a spice missile that shattered the windshield and coated the inside in no-no foam.

Source: californiagovernor

#15. I keep forgetting this soap dispenser is motion activated so every time I go and pick up trash, I risk getting soap on my head. Today was the day...

Source: Saladbbar

#16. A family member forgot to turn off the sink light overnight…

Source: natkrab

#17. Pretending To Travel The World But Forgetting To Pose In Front Of A Different Fence

People had bad luck all the time.Source: NikkiMcR

#18. The Employer Forgot To Delete The Final Line "If It's Still Too Long Let Me Know"

Source: BryanRoberts72

#19. Forgot spaghetti with mushrooms in the microwave for a week. Now it's a floofly ball of mold

Source: yanbochen

#20. There were 12 minutes left in the washing cycle when I saw this.

Source: No-Self7717

#21. Walked to work in a thunderstorm, but my boss forgot to tell me we all have today off

Source: Radiskull97

#22. Left beer in cooler outside. Wife found it. Figured the reddit would like this.

Source: kd9dux

#23. We got our doors painted during a remodel and the painters forgot to put the plastic covering on the ground

Source: JosephKirwan

#24. Forgetting about your pizza for 8 hours. Burnt so bad it looks like a double-chocolate brownie.

Source: daddysnakeboi

#25. NYC Fireworks- guy films for 15 mins but forgets to hit ‘record’.

Source: vanderpumptools

#26. Tried to save money by having my roommate cut my hair. She forgot that she took the guard off.

Source: SirRinjez

#27. I totally forgot that having ‘now playing’ as a face on your Apple Watch isn’t just for music, but just the last ‘media’ you might have watched that day. It’s the new watch, too, the one that doesn’t turn off the screen. Cringe for me and the amount of customers who likely saw this today.

Source: BalboBigggins

#28. Forgot my plastic spatula in the oven while heating up my lasagna

Source: jonek1999

#29. I forgot to take the old coffee pod out of the coffee maker before making cup noodles.

Source: superleo42

#30. Forgot to tell the wife I uncrossed the plugs...guess who doesn’t have a ready dinner now

Source: jabroma

#31. My brother tried to dye his brand new Nikes in coffee and forgot about them for a month.

Source: kushtopherrobhisass

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