30 Rude Passengers Who Have Absolutely No Clue How To Behave On Public Transport

Because of the constantly growing population and global warming, public transport has become increasingly important. Even some governments have policies to encourage their citizens to use public transportation more frequently. As a result, public transport has become increasingly common. Traveling by public transport has many advantages, from affordable fares to less air pollution. However, it also has disadvantages too. Because public transportation can carry a high number of people in each vehicle and some passengers are just so rude that make others get angry at times.
Many people have shared pictures of rude passengers they've ever encountered with other people online. And those folks deserved a spot in hell. We have collected some of the most questionable photos of passengers from hell. Scroll down and take a look. Have you been through such irritating situations? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. And then this actually happened...

Source: Passenger Shaming

#2. "He just welcomed himself to my middle seat tray table. Even if it is for blazing saddles... Hell no."

Source: PassengerShaming

#3. Nightmare at 20,000 and Two Feet

Source: TherOboticdan

#4. There's never an axe around when you truly need one

Source: Passenger Shaming

#5. Someone left these used cotton swabs on this train window

Source: dinomine3000

#6. Something seems a bit off here.

Source: PassengerShaming

#7. Woke up from sleeping on a plane to this

Source: Wrathchild89

#8. Random guy sleeping on my mom

Source: micamihaela

#9. A pair of underwear. Just lying there

Source: PassengerShaming

#10. NO MA’AM. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Someone pass me an axe. ??✈️

Source: PassengerShaming

#11. Is there a podiatrist on the plane?

Source: Zombie_John_Strachan

#12. Wtf...

Source: Passenger Shaming

#13. Galley potty!

Source: PassengerShaming

#14. Swizz socks, Swizz cheese

Source: Becca

#15. How YOU doin'?

Source: passengershaming

#16. Is this a joke?

Source: Passenger Shaming

#17. Hey, sometimes ya' just gotta do some inflight laundry

Source: passengershaming

#18. Maybe he's afraid it will run away?

Source: Passenger Shaming

#19. Pure. Class.

Rude PassengersSource: passengershaming

#20. No way!!

Rude PassengersSource: passengershaming

#21. The people in front of me on my flight home

Rude PassengersSource: lAMAraindog

#22. People who put their feet like this in the plane deserve a special place in hell

Rude PassengersSource: Tutipups

#23. Can you bring scissors on a plane?

Rude PassengersSource: spacedmountain

#24. My dad sent me this picture from his plane ride today

Rude PassengersSource: biracial_lizard

#25. Apparently, the plane turned into a garbage dump mid-flight

Rude PassengersSource: turt-shells

#26. This guy on my train making ass to fabric contact with his seat

Rude PassengersSource: AllMyNamesAreTooLong

#27. Parents who can't take care of their children on a commute

Rude PassengersSource: FarrelMFajar

#28. Dad letting his kid climb the luggage rack on a train

Rude PassengersSource: ioncoddingtonagain

#29. Girl on the plane next to me decided to make herself REAL comfortable on my flight to LA today

Rude PassengersSource: Figgywithit

#30. On my morning commute to work

Rude Passengers Source: Tottmeist3r

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