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These 18 Senior Students Deserve Diplomas For Their Hilarious ID Photos

All the years spent at schools would be wasted if we don’t have any memory to remember. That’s why parents always tell their kids to do everything they can, study hard, and play hard, too. Then at least, when the kids grow up, they’ll have something to tell and recall that time at school.

To make the best of the school time, these 18 students on the list below decided to take one-of-a-kind photos for their ID cards. Dressed as characters from movies, cartoons, and music videos, these students truly made their ID cards look noticeable and hilarious. Scroll down and check them out now.


#1. The commitment to this totally esoteric character from Spongebob is impressive:

Image source: rachel_isr

#2. I bet you a million dollars this girl will have an Audrey poster hanging in her Freshman dorm room:

Image source: katie_cutch

#3. Doesn’t count if she can’t do the accent

Image source: kelc314

#4. This child will still have a blue mouth and a raincoat when she’s a high school senior, that’s a promise

Image source: abbycoleman87

#5. Oh, Mylanta!

Image source: HaleyMatul

#6. Looks like the charm bomb exploded

Image source: ashbkay

#7. Everyone makes mistakes, Everybody has those days, 1 2 3 4!:

Image source: gabby_sgambati

#8. I’m gon’ shoot you:

Image source: kingjavon26

#9. Codename: Kids Next Door was the voice of a generation and don’t you dare disagree with us:

Image source: itsniaaaa__

#10. This senior ID could probably get him into a bar before McLovin’s ID would

Image source: SadeemBoji

#11. Cher’s saving herself for Luke Perry:

Image source: ShelbyySheridan

#12. Truly the best part from We’re The Millers

Image source: lynn_lerner

#13. If you didn’t get Kenny G to follow you around with a sax all day what are you even doing

Image source: PatilTcholo

#14. Everyone who grew up to be a diehard Kardashian fan started with a love of Jackie Burkhart

Image source: elisabills

#15. Monica is literally all of us at the beach

Image source: laurenwatsky

#16. 65% of the country will want you expelled by the end of the year

Image source: Sarah_Lynch_04

#17. Coming To America will always be one of Murphy’s greatest:

Image source: Noiz___

#18. So you just gon’ bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party:

Image source: kenzyc123

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