15 Times People Are Too Desperate To Show Off Their Genius Brains

We all know about genius minds in the past like Albert Einstand, Nikola Tesla, Ptolemy, and so many more. They were physicians, mathematicians, inventors who used their intellect to boost the development of science and civilization. And we also know some people who just sit in front of the computer, trying to show the internet how smart they are by typing some posts and comments.
Well, maybe the only reason they use the internet is to tell you that they are smarter than you. But unfortunately, it doesn't always work out so well. They claim to have a high IQ, but their obvious ignorance just turns them into a joke. Here we have collected some typical examples of bragging mind lords who are unaware of their ridiculousness. Let's scroll down and have a good time watching.

#1. Megamind analysis there doc

Image source: RileyBrack247

#2. TL;DR: "I Don't Like This Photo Because *Science Science Science*"

Image source: TrentoNosko

#3. "Classically Trained Artist" Celebrates Campus Mural Falling Off

Image source: toservethesuffering

#4. "They Don't Understand Me So That Means Everyone Else Is Dumb"

Image source: sexycloroxxx

#5. An Failed Cringefest Of Intellectual Showboating

Image source: InkyStainer

#6. A Completely True Story About How A "Genius" Toddler Taught The Class Better Than Their Teacher

Image source: SpoopyMardoon

#7. Hyper Intelligent

Image source: howibangyourmother

#8. On A Post About A Popular TV Show

Image source: AlicijaBelle

#9. Trying To Sound Smart By Referencing One Of The Most Well-Known Works Of Philosophy

Image source: Marxist_Morgana

#10. When You're Too Intellectually Superior To Enjoy Puns

Image source: TheWuho

#11. Well, If Your Mother Says So...

Image source: 23cupsofcoffee

#12. Redditor With "IQ Of 198" Can't Use Proper Grammar

Image source: ocular-pat-down

#13. Enjoying A Comedy Sketch, When...

Image source: fellow-idiot

#14. Tell Me, How Does One Measure A Sports IQ?

Image source: MathematicianFew6734

#15. This "Exponentially Cultured" Big-Brainer

Image source: rnaleli

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