30 WTF Images To Make You Say "That's Enough Internet For Today"

The Internet is such a weird place. After just a few minutes of surfing, you can easily find tons of WTF images, ranging from bizarre creatures to questionable situations that make you want to keep your eyes closed. But if you are interested in those types of things, the r/WTF subreddit could be the best place for you. Created on Jan 25, 2008, this online community is now home to about 7 million people who shared the same interest. As the name suggests, this group is focused on "things that will make others say "What the F*ck".
After spending some time diving into this group, we have chosen some of the funniest and weirdest photos that will make you say "That's enough Internet for today." Scroll down to check them out for yourself. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pictures. We've already written about this topic before. If this list is not enough for you, check out 30 WTF Pictures That'll Make You Say "Whoooa, WTF?!"

#1. A car wrapped in power lines after being thrown by a tornado

Source: phleep

#2. An accident happened here in Rabat (Morocco) yesterday. I have no idea how that car got there

Source: humortogo

#3. This guy bought plane seats for his hawks...

Source: clap4kyle

#4. Bought some honeycomb from local markets one month ago - I hear this weird screeching noise and see this

Source: msfikky

#5. Guy with a Sharpie'd hairline on a NYC subway

Source: Troy_Davis

#6. My town has major plumbing issues, I've seen 3 or 4 similar incidents in the past 2 years

Source: afternooncolors

#7. After a building collapses in Brazil, a guy sent his family this selfie to ask for help and tell them his ok

Source: ruivismo

#8. My girlfriend's shower drain hasn't been cleaned out in 4 years, until today

Source: Interesting_Lines

#9. I bought this at a antique shop in Pennsylvania. WTF do I now own?

Source: irate-librarian

#10. A rare cat born with 4 ears. It looks like a sci-fi alien pet!

Source: unequaledactuality29

#11. Bought a toy at the dollar store. Didn't notice this until I got home

Source: SharkRancher

#12. One very confused chicken

Source: virnovus

#13. My friend found this in a fish she bought from a farmer's market. Says she's having Brussels sprouts and rice for dinner

Source: rachelface927

#14. I'am as confused as that guy

Source: silly_vasily

#15. He was in a rush to get his kids to school, and took a short cut

Source: MrHallmark

#16. I'm confused... Is this a hairstyle?!?

Source: aeyster84

#17. A School Trip in Thailand

Source: bigboneboy

#18. We bought mussels from the supermarket and cooked them. This was in one mussel

Source: unknown / reddit

#19. Handmade school bag from Russia

Source: Ozverin

#20. This guy is fishing in a empty ditch on a busy highway wearing a life jacket and Burger King hat sitting on a bike that has a buoy attached

Source: Babyfart_McGeezacks

#21. Seen in Sullivan County

Source: unknown / reddit

#22. Security found some odd looking objects at USA-North Korea summit

Source: duongh173

#23. He looks tired

Source: G_romero

#24. I got stung by a wasp yesterday and now my foot looks like a flipper

Source: attackedmoose

#25. Woke up like this yesterday. Doctors still aren't 100% sure why...

Source: pacific_rim_job

#26. Someone managed to carry a huge wooden post, bypass all the teacher in the way to the second floor bathroom and stuck it in the toilet without anyone noticing

Source: prokjs

#27. Only in Australia...

Source: lebbe

#28. I found this yesterday

Source: Cardinal_FpS

#29. Car crash yesterday in Morocco

Source: Najivdv12

#30. Saw this yesterday in Florida...

Source: overlord-ror

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