30 Times Plumbers Came Across Confusing And Unexpected Things And Just Had To Share Them Online

Every job has its hardship and happiness. And plumbers also have to deal with many difficulties. For example, they must be available for emergency calls 24/7. You may think that installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes, valves, fittings, drainage systems, and fixtures in commercial and residential buildings are too monotonous; however, there are many laugh-out-loud situations that plumbers come across in a working day. And some of them you might not know.
And in this article, we will share with you 30 funny plumbing pics that perfectly sum up the daily life of plumbers. Are you curious? Scroll down to check them out for yourself right now. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photos. And share this list with your friends and family to crack them up too. For more laughs, check out 30 People Who 100% Knew What They Were Doing And Still Went For It.

#1. Just an update for anyone who cares. This is the little dude I pulled from the flooded crawlspace yesterday. He’s being bottle-fed and making a recovery. He seems healthy and happy

Source: wcollins260

#2. I’ll never unsee this

Source: txplumber

#3. Found this gem at a rural gas station!

Source: greatchicagofire

#4. Just saw this in Corvallis, OR

Source: i-cant-even-anymore

#5. Maybe this is super basic for a plumber, but as an electrician, this type of work is very satisfying to see. Haven't seen a single piece of sloppy work from the plumbers on this job. Very impressive stuff

Source: ThirtySecondsOut

#6. Got tired of the girlfriend hogging all the water in the shower. It’s a rental so I didn’t want to open any walls

Source: david-spain

#7. Hats off to this plumbing superstar! Radiant floor recirc with tekmar controls

Source: t4ckleb0x

#8. While you're here ..... Can you see why my dryer isn't drying...

Source: the-truth-

#9. I was told I have the oldest water heater they have seen by several plumbers, what do you think?

Source: zone1-1

#10. I was told to post this here. That’s me in the picture about to get after it


#11. My view from the “office” today

Source: downyzz

#12. Explaining to the homeowner that self leveling concrete cannot be put down the floor drain

Source: downyzz

#13. Nasty leak under the sink, please help

Source: kidsolo

#14. The 1980s called

Source: alfredhospital

#15. Had some help with a toilet flange today

Source: guitar_allan_poe

#16. TIP: If you're gonna flush cat litter down your toilet...maybe don't

Source: IERNA_Air

#17. What’s the point?

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: georgeblair

#18. Vintage Bathtub from Newport, RI mansion has four water sources: hot and cold SALT WATER and hot and cold FRESH WATER

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: apgapgapg

#19. Not a plumber but saw this while I was working on the hvac today

Funny Plumbing PicsSource:

#20. Environmentally friendly install

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: LotsoWatts

#21. An aquarium room I piped. 31 tanks with individual air, water recirc, overflow and drain

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: service_plumber

#22. Apparently I’m a weirdo because I keep my truck clean and organized

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: benderbrian

#23. Halloween plumbing done right!!

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: Flooded3rdfloor

#24. Um...

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: PipeCop

#25. I love coming across old gaudy fixtures

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: friscohunter

#26. Customer asked if I could remove their “bidet”

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: mitchcw

#27. What idiot thought this was good… me I’m that idiot

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: JohnnSACK

#28. DIY shower kit installation turned out great!

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: BadCrychta

#29. Rough in game strong

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: knvb17

#30. I’m a fancy pants plumber today

Funny Plumbing PicsSource: wcollins260

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