30 People Who 100% Knew What They Were Doing And Still Went For It

Are you in the mood for something funny? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you some amusing pictures of people who 100% knew what they were doing and still went for it. And they will have you rolling on the floor laughing all day long because you have never expected someone to do such weird things in real life. These funny pictures are from the r/theyknew subreddit 'dedicated to circumstances where you think the people who did/made something "knew" that it would be considered in a way that is inappropriate.'
Without further ado, let's scroll down to enjoy 30 of the most hilarious pictures from this online community. We are sure that you can't hold your laugh when some weird or a little bit dirty thoughts go through your head. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pics. And if you find this list funny, share it with your friends and family to give them a good laugh too. For more laughs, check out 24 Hilarious memes About Parenting That Prove The Struggle Is Real.

#1. They definitely knew

Source: skolgang

#2. They knew

Source: karan2395

#3. No way they didn't

Source: the-ateyo

#4. Old habits die hard…

Source: coolpiggie

#5. How did this even get so far?

Source: Tommy96Gun

#6. My wife said she was just trying to get a good picture of my son and me. Riiight

Source: ohmbience

#7. They new what they were doing


#8. Billboard found in Utah

Source: kanekrew

#9. Je sus

Source: Clear-Result-3412

#10. Kudos to the door installer for seeing and taking this opportunity

Source: nomaddd79

#11. Safety first!

Source: termacct

#12. Who knew roofing could be so titillating?

Source: flopsychops

#13. They knew... and they're going to hell for this one

Source: zipzapzip2233

#14. You can only see it the first time then never again

Source: slutsgonarevky

#15. They definitely knew what they were doing…

Source: J3ttf

#16. It intended to be Fuji mountain, going to be a new meme

Source: joonkeat

#17. What is she doing and who’s behind her?

Source: razydreams

#18. Happy easter!

Source: Abbbbyo

#19. They knew

Source: gotenuranus

#20. This scultor/artist knew...

Source: anonymousjohnson

#21. How to adjust the towbar in the new Land Rover Defender 2020 model. I'm not even joking

Source: philms

#22. They knew

Source: gurneyguy101

#23. That door handle...

Source: Crushalot778

#24. Possibly from “Betty & Veronica Summer Fun #153 August ‘74”

Source: CouldBePerfectForYou

#25. Hmmm. So fresh

Source: CarbonDioxideboy

#26. Shippers knew


#27. I still can't believe I didn't get it earlier

Source: Paschal-La-8394

#28. They knew

Source: jeanheff

#29. Someone thought long and hard about this

Source: PurpleFirebird

#30. “Lighthouses”

Source: Deontas

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