30 Super Savage Insults That Made People Do A Facepalm

We have no idea why some people just like to insult others. Although we are all aware that insulting someone is not good, reading the super savage insults that people left in the comments is something really really fun as it can make us feel better after a hard-working day. And this is also the reason behind the creation of the r/RareInsults subreddit. If you go to this online community, you will realize that people can be very inventive when attempting to make the recipient of an insult feel worse.
The community, with a whopping 2.3 million members, is dedicated to sharing super savage insults they come across. We have collected some of the funniest and most inventive insults that made people do a facepalm. Scroll down to check them out and vote for your favorites. Also, if you have ever stumbled across a unique insult, please share them with us in the comments.

#1. The Ariel we deserve

Source: suarez78

#2. The duality of man

Source: LadybugSheep

#3. Witnessed this third-degree burn


#4. A nice little science lesson

Source: Ghettoblaster96

#5. Futuristic Nazi is the insult here

Source: __x_sai_x__

#6. This is pure gold

Source: ShalyssaThunderf*ck

#7. I feel that paint

Source: galacticidiots

#8. That one must’ve hurt…

Source: Qiiqer

#9. Even Facebook can't delete that...

Source: RANDOM_CitiZen23

#10. He was pretty hard on them

Source: iamnumair

#11. Screw this, I’m just gonna go to Petland

Source: happyman91

#12. Do your chores people

Source: Bellkin08

#13. Does insulting a dog still count?

Source: DeKameraad27

#14. Mid air burn

Source: RubbaBand_Grant

#15. I mean, I never considered it until now

Source: ThatDapperMosquito

#16. Bathroom scale with delusions of grandeur

Source: thestashattacked

#17. Too much pepper

Super Savage InsultsSource: Not-Lance

#18. Mother knows the best

Super Savage InsultsSource: ariesandnotproud

#19. Take that F-150s

Super Savage InsultsSource: iheartmetal13

#20. Caught one in the wild

Super Savage InsultsSource: This_Robot

#21. Got a jawline like handsome Squidward

Super Savage InsultsSource: Piemanthe3rd

#22. How does he do it?

Super Savage InsultsSource: _Latino_

#23. Do burns on houses count

Super Savage InsultsSource: The_Gart

#24. Everyone in the comments section are ruthless damn

Super Savage InsultsSource:

#25. 3 Insults In 1 Package

Super Savage InsultsSource: DogfishCriminal

#26. Got a chuckle outta me

Super Savage InsultsSource: _Neel__

#27. Pachysephalasaurs is a big word

Source: Gav_uM-Tu-Ju

#28. Microwaved James Charles

Super Savage InsultsSource: I-love-refrigerator

#29. The duality of trench coats

Super Savage InsultsSource: jonessinger

#30. My dude be looking like a villain from despicable me

Super Savage InsultsSource: a-dog-thats-russian

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