27 Savage Insults That Left People Uniquely 'Devastated'

Nobody likes to be insulted. Some people, despite understanding that getting insulted by others can be depressing, just insult others because they feel better or happy to do this and feel comfortable. Of course, we can't avoid rude people who always look to let you down. But you don't have to worry as they can be everywhere; in your work office, college, neighborhood, etc. There is always a way for you to react and respond to such rude guys. Despite the fact that insulting others is never the best solution, sometimes it is the fastest and most effective method to put them back in their positions.
If you want to find epic roasts, the Rare Insults subreddit is the ideal place for you. The members of this group constantly share the most savage of insults, and it's never short of funny new content. We have compiled a list of 27 rare insults that left people uniquely 'devastated.' Scroll down to check them out. Maybe these creative insults can help you in emergency situations in the future. But we hope that you will never experience them.

#1. Holding it in

Source: Scaulbylausis

#2. She did him bad

Source: Previous_Reporter_63

#3. Even the rhino's skin isn't thick enough for this insult?

Source: ShortPromotion

#4. A grade self-burn

Source: praaany

#5. Mom has no confidence

Source: ruffnitelp

#6. Master of insults

Source: No-Acanthisitta1877

#7. The blind owl

Source: necessaryterry80

#8. The person being roasted here is a very popular Indian wrestler named "The great Khali"

Source: BigSmokeLovesCheese

#9. This speed dating is silly

Source: Bruh_Memento_Mori

#10. There's no coming back from this

Source: TheAltUnderYourBed

#11. Now that’s a new one

Source: GetSuited

#12. From some Harley Quinn comic

Source: Awesauce1

#13. What do you drive?

Source: SpicyHashbrowns

#14. Fun costume ideas

Source: cronenbergurworld

#15. Insult via WhatsApp title

Source: liddicoat1

#16. I mean, they have a point

Source: Drhorrible-26

#17. Burnt to crisp

Source: demonslayer9911

#18. Yeah, you're not expensive at all

Source: habitualcircus61

#19. They turned Sauron into an Elvish school shooter

Source: MorgrainX

#20. Consistency is key

Source: J0Shua2002

#21. Found on twitter

Source: ahanaahana

#22. Further than ancient Mesopotamia

Source: FearlessFreak69

#23. This one made laugh

Source: adamdiddy97

#24. I busted out laughing

Source: Yrnwithfivefigures

#25. Well hurry up

Source: kopetenti

#26. Sketch off cold case files

Source: callmecrazydave

#27. Came for the whole of humanity… so true

Source: anamericandruid

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