30 Posts From "Angry Upvote" That Are So Bad They Make You Laugh Out Loud

The Internet is such an interesting place. Why do we say that? Besides serving as a dictionary for us to look up any information, the Internet also cracks us up with tons of funny things, from funny videos and pictures to funny posts. With about 5 million people using the Internet nowadays, it's quite easy for us to stumble upon laugh-out-loud sharings and comments. And in this article today, we are going to share with you guys 30 posts from "Angry Upvote" subreddit. We are sure that they will make your day.
The "Angry Upvote" subreddit is the home to about 408,000 people who are known as 'Angry upvoters.’ This online community is dedicated to sharing posts and comments that people find both funny and incredibly grating. Without further ado, let's scroll down and check out a few of the top posts from this group and enjoy. And forget to upvote your favorites.

#1. You're welcome


#2. Oh for God's sake

Source: Ncfetcho

#3. Angry for a different reason

Source: sadface_jr

#4. Wait, that's legal

Source: PoshAndRepressed

#5. He just couldn't handle it...

Source: mspens117

#6. Dad joke

Source: zacjac86

#7. I’m not sure how to feel about this one...


#8. Took me a minute

Source: AtheistPi

#9. Take my up upvote

Source: Inst_inct

#10. Saw this gem

Source: TheRealYago

#11. Sonova attention

Source: lucifer_2104

#12. You have a gf?

Source: Barcaviktor25

#13. 1 billion

Source: nanosaitama

#14. Ohh

Source: babydogpaste

#15. Alright den

Source: Zestyclose_Yak3227

#16. Damn...

Source: DanceAggressive2666

#17. Arghhh

Source: -Onions

#18. Just leave

Source: Invalid_Word

#19. Wholesome

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: skullxrusher69

#20. Technicalities

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: Ecstatic_Fantasay

#21. Confusing cosplay

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: alexlmlo

#22. This guy has definitely been waiting their whole life for that

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: Ph4ke_

#23. F

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: badboybalo

#24. Just have it

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: Ravenclawguy

#25. I hate myself for laughing at this

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: M-L125K0

#26. God dammit

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: simmson420

#27. Mathematical

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: M4kh41

#28. He is right and you know it

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: jacinto12_

#29. Full body day

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: freshizdaword

#30. Angory intensifies

Posts From Angry UpvoteSource: CaspianRemi

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