20 Funniest "Feelings Of A Particularly Bad Dad Joke" Found On Dedicated Online Group “Angry Upvote”

Reddit is a massive forum with a heavy focus on its communities. If you have just discovered Reddit for the first time, I am positive that you will be stuck for at least two hours of your day browsing this digital treasure trove. In all honesty, probably more. It's absurdly addictive. There are numerous things that are bound to make your day. At first sight, you might think this community is a bit chaotic, but if you understand how subreddits work, everything makes sense and it's much simpler to locate the content you're looking for.
Today, I would like to introduce you to a preferred corner of Reddit called r/Angryupvote. This group of about 383k members, known as  'Angry upvoters', is dedicated to posts and comments that people find both funny and incredibly grating. For your convenience, I have gathered a few of the top posts from this group. Scroll down to check them out and enjoy. And forget to upvote your favorites.

#1. Idk if this has been posted here or not but god damnit

Source: [deleted]

#2. Oh for gods' sake

Source: Ncfetcho

#3. Get out

Source: larsmert

#4. Angry for a different reason

Source: sadface_jr

#5. *Eleven pants*

Source: Lazybones_17

#6. Checkmate

Source: _MrEngland_

#7. Just leave your upvote and back away

Source: jonxtine90

#8. Take my upvote and leave

Source: Intrepid_Mastodon_97

#9. He threw up

Source: Interesting_Crow580

#10. You butter believe it!

Source: QuakeGuy98

#11. Good one

Source: shotgun-priest

#12. Not to be confused with a kazoo

Source: EthanSL24

#13. You're welcome

Source: [deleted]

#14. Wow, okay

Source: Redbeak27

#15. Wait, that's legal

Source: PoshAndRepressed

#16. Fricking New Jersey

Source: Outrageous_Ebb_7517

#17. Take my up upvote

Source: Inst_inct

#18. Literally

Source: kristltmao

#19. I’m not sure how to feel about this one...

Source: [deleted]

#20. Gym

Source: nanosaitama

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