30 Petty Revenge Stories That'll Make You Think Twice Before Being An A**hole To Other People

"Treat others how you want to be treated," people often say. We all want to be treated like kings or queens. However, that's just what we want, not what life wants. There are many times in life we have to act like a**holes to other people because they are nothing but Karens and Kevins. We exact an act of petty revenge to make us feel much better. Many people shared their petty revenge stories online, and they will make you think twice before being an a**hole to other people.
Scroll down to check them out. Maybe these can help you come up with better ideas. But remember that revenge isn't always the best form of action. Therefore, you should consider the consequences before taking any revenge action. And don't take it too far. If you still want more, check out 30 Satisfying Petty Revenge Stories That You Will Definitely Use.

#1. Sonic savagery

Source: _NITRISS_

#2. Grandma's revenge

Revenge StoriesSource: mrmaster2

#3. This is the most passive aggressive thing I've seen in a while

Revenge StoriesSource: TBHer_

#4. Someone parked wrong and shop clerks took revenge

Revenge StoriesSource: Arnold Angelini

#5. Oh my god brutal

Revenge StoriesSource: _Breyonnn

#6. Slashed someone’s tires today because he parked like a jackass.. was it justified? I think so

Revenge StoriesSource: herbehancock

#7. Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was had

Revenge StoriesSource: GreyGhostPhoto

#8. My coworker is a flat earther and it's his last day

Revenge StoriesSource: kittythedog

#9. Lad at work just eats everyone’s treats. Tomorrow will be a surprise for him

Source: lufcdannyboy

#10. Nice idea!

Source: dazed_dez

#11. Joe mode

Source: SnazzyQ

#12. You park in 2 spots, I zip tie a cart to your car

Source: filipe272003

#13. That's really creative actually

Source: heyqueenregina

#14. I skied back to the Pole again... to take this photo for all those men who commented “Make me a sandwich” on my TEDX Talk

Source: jadehameister

ready to fly out to Union Glacier tomorrow morning (depending on weather). Then we skied over to the Ceremonial South Pole (probably the Pole that everyone knows as the only South Pole - the barbers Pole with the flags) and the actual Geographic South Pole (which moves around 10m each year), which is marked separately. In the afternoon we were given a tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. It is seriously as close to what a Base on another planet would be like than anything else on the planet - a mini-town based around the scientific work of the National Science Foundation. Tonight (it never gets dark this time of year) I skied back to the Pole again... to take this photo for all those men who commented “Make me a sandwich” on my TEDX Talk. I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it.

#15. Ohhh sweet, sweet, delicious revenge

Source: simoncholland

#16. Punk’d

Source: spokendamsel

#17. My daughters said she was too old for notes in her lunch - my reply and WIN

Source: Michellehas2ls

#18. My neighbor got his reindeer decorations stolen so they put out grinch ones instead

Source: PrincessAlterEgo

#19. Making fish tacos for the guy at work who keeps eating my lunch

Source: Dooppy

#20. Stay away from the coffee creamer at work

Source: Phantom0591

#21. Mad wife

Revenge StoriesSource: DaveApnea

#22. So petty lol

Source: _jessehall_

#23. My neighbors like to throw their cigarette butts over the wall and onto the sidewalk. I'm tired of seeing dogs eat them and kids play with them, so I picked them up for them

Revenge StoriesSource: rcs2112

#24. Ethan isn’t playing around this semester

Revenge StoriesSource: jojomarshalll

#25. The punishment for petty theft in my town is making laps around the courthouse with a sandwich board sign that states: "I Am A Thief"

Revenge StoriesSource: jcoffill

#26. Oooooh!

Revenge StoriesSource: AlishaRai

#27. I’ve asked my neighbor to please, PLEASE not let his dogs bark all night. Today I received several packages in the mail. Early tomorrow morning I’ll have my revenge

Revenge StoriesSource: eyedontnowutimdoing

#28. I've carried chalk in my car for 10 months just so I could do this once. Yesterday was the day

Revenge StoriesSource: adunkel2016

#29. Sweet revenge

Revenge StoriesSource:

#30. Good job!

Revenge StoriesSource: londonbreedann

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